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The Printing Layout Designer - PLD let you modify and customize the SAP Business One default printing layout according to your requirements.
you can set one layout as the default for all or some SAP Business One users and link specific print layout to selected business partners.


Crystal Report vs. PLD

To design a new report or template, you have two ways;


SAP Crystal Reports

You can create one template and import it to how many databases you want, the layout will be created in SAP Crystal Report Software and imported to SAP Business One.

PLD – Printing Layouts Designer

When creating layouts using this method, you will not be able to export them from one system to another, and the layout will be created directly inside the SAP system.


Major scenario

In SAP Crystal Reports

From the start page > Start a new report > Blank Report


From Database Expert > Create New Connection > SAP Business One > define;

  • SAP Business One Server

  • SLD Server

  • Server Type

  • Company Database

  • Company User ID

  • Company User Password

  • Database User ID

  • Database Password

Browsing the data source for the tables that we want, we have two ways;

  • Choose the required tables manually,

  • Writing a specific command (the ability to copy it from SAP Query Generator and paste it here)

You can press OK, and find the chosen fields under the Field Explorer > Database Fields

After you choose what you want for;

  • Report Header

  • Page Header

  • Details

  • Report Footer

  • Page Footer

You’re good to go to the next step,

In some cases when you’re create a template for Printing Layout purposes, it should print just the document that you chose, not all documents related to that template, ex; if we don’t use Parameters inside the template, when we want to print an A/R Invoice from SAP, it’ll print all used invoices in one time, for that we’ve to find a way that let’s print just the specified document,

In doing so, we should use Parameters feature, as following,

From Field Explorer > Parameter Fields > right click > New

We should specify;

  • The Parameter Name

  • Type; Number, Boolean, Data, DateTime, String, Time, Currency,

  • List of Values; Dynamic, Static

  • Value Options; Max Value, Default Value, optional prompt, …

After that we should activate this feature via Select Expert, from Report Menu > Select Expert > Record

Put it “is equal to” and chose the created parameter,

After that, you finished all required steps and now we should save it as Crystal Report file in our local machine


Inside SAP Business One

Open the template that you want to import the prepared file to it to be used, ex; Inventory Transfer,

From the Tools Bar click on "editing layout symbol"  and a new window will pop-up “Layout and Sequence”

Click on Manage Layout

From Report and Layout Manager > Import > a new window will appear

From Report and Layout Import Wizard > Next > choose the file > define the Layout content (the related table – WTR1 for example) > Finish

From Layout and Sequence Window > chose the template > click “Set as Default


hope this one helps you, for any suggestions or inquiries, please feel free to comment on this blog post and I'll be back to you ASAP,

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