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Prevent BOBJ data loss when Business user leaves


When a business user leaves the company the HR systems will trigger user deletion process which will eventually lock or remove the SAP user accounts in SAP ERP systems.  Business Objects systems whose authentication is set to SAP will have only SAP aliases in BOBJ. This blog explains how to create Enterprise aliases to safeguard all SAP user accounts and their report objects in Business Objects systems. This is not applicable for those who Active Directory based login to their BOBJ systems.

Refer to SAP notr#note#1804839 -- How to add or remove an Enterprise alias through a script in SAP BI 4.0. Use this sample code from to adapt to your requirements.

You can download the source code from GITHUB url:


Follow the below screen print steps to create the needed Enterprise Aliases with complex random passwords.

Create a JAVA Project in Eclipse  and as show below.


Add the appropriate JRE. In this case, remove the JRE 1.8 and add the sapjvm JRE which is similar to one used by BOBJ Server.


Make Sure you have same sapjvm version in your machine as that of BOBJ server


Select the newly configured SAPJVM and remove any other jvm from the screen above.

Click Finish

Here you will add BOBJ Library files. For this you need BOBJ Client tools installed on your machine or you can get the library files form BOBJ Windows server.







Click Finish




Create a new Class



Copy and Past the Source Code





Export the code to JAR format



Import the JAR file to BOBJ  as Program file object

The BOBJ part starts from here.  No need for any login credentials inside the source code as the Program can run in the logged-in user context of BOBJ system.



Class name should match the namespace and class of the Source Code


Schedule now


Program running.

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