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Source: SAP

This was a webcast yesterday given by antoine.chabert and his colleague Veronique.

Source: SAP

The legal disclaimer applies; things in the future are subject to change

Source: SAP

One simple cloud

Work smarter with augmented analytics

Faster time to value

A journey - SAP Analytics Cloud journey to smart analytics

Ask question, use natural language and visualization is created on fly

Explain anything with a single click

Make machine learning accessible by everyone


Source: SAP

Smart features include search to insight, smart assist, smart predict (smart grouping, not listed)

Source: SAP

"Bring simplicity to users"

Source: SAP

"never start from scratch again

User can use automated generation to better understand KPI and copy elements most relevant to story as required


Search natural language -today only for imported data - feature plan for Q4 is support for live data connection


Q1/2019 - start with time series forecasting - ability to enrich visualization - extend options available in time series charts


Search to insight - extend support for live connections S4/BW (based on SAP HANA)


Smart insight on calculated measures

Source: SAP

Ask question in natural way

Augment insight with smart insights to provide better data driven decisions

Source: SAP

Augment information based on selected measure, overview, key influencers that drive KPI, unexpected values/outliers, trigger what if simulation - for user to better understand KPI

Source: SAP

Smart Predict

Data access, predictive consumption on one side, make it available to non-expert

Extend data sources supported for predictive scenario

Simplify user experience

Business Content now Analytics Content Network


Q1 next year, part of intelligent enterprise

to S4HANA applications


Connect data to on premise (next year plans)

New workflow for data preparation for predictive

automatic generation of feature of predictions

Source: SAP

Smart predict features coming soon; note that the Business Content is now called Analytics Content Network.

Source: SAP

Include predictive use cases in Analytics Content Network (former Business Content)

Source: SAP

Predict payment forecasting for  FI-CA

Source: SAP

For FI-CA friends, this can be interesting

Source: SAP

Reduce delinquent payments; always a popular goal

Source: SAP

Plans for Smart Predict

Source: SAP

Guided workflow for data preparation - I think this will be interesting to see


In case you missed this please join ASUG for this upcoming webcast November 13 Smart Predict


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