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This is a BTP blog series, where we will discuss the right way of S/4 HANA implementation and ...

Why we should adopt Keep-Core-Clean (S/4 HANA) approach

How SAP BTP helps to keep-core-clean (S/4 HANA)


What a Business can achieve with keep-core-clean (S/4 HANA)


In the first blog of this series, we will discuss each topic above at a very high level, and going forward, we will deep-dive into the "How" part, how BTP (Business Technology Platform) helps to achieve the clean core approach and the real-way to transform your digital core.


🤔 Keep S/4 HANA Clean = Keep-Core-Clean

"It's not only about eliminating/restricting custom code inside the core!" 🤫

So, Let's discuss this from a broader perspective!
Why we should go for the Clean Core approach, especially for S/4 HANA OnPremise implementations?

We generally keep it simple while explaining it and advising the best possible solutions to our customers. For that purpose, we divide Keep-Core-Clean, mainly into three categories.

  1. (Keep core) Business Process Clean

  2. (Keep core) Data Clean

  3. (Keep core) UI/UX simple & Clean

Now the question is...
How to achieve the core clean? Here also, we follow the proven principles, which we implemented successfully for many of our customers. The high-level points of our proven principles are as follows:


1.1 Data Engineering
1.2 Data Analytics
1.3 Data Science/Intelligence


2.1 Process/Business Extensions and Customisations
2.2 Process Integration
2.3 Process Automation


3.1 UI/UX enhancement
3.2 Simplified custom UI/UX

3.3 Modern UI/UX



In the next blog post, I will discuss the sample business use cases and required skill sets to implement the Core-Clean. Mainly the detailed version of the "How to achieve the core clean" part.


P.N - I will also discuss the options on S/4 business configurations and In-App extensions inside the Core.

Before concluding the post, I would definitely like to bring the business benefits out of the clean-core approach implementation in BTP.


What a business can achieve?

  • Agility - To serve on-demand business agility, develop custom and enhanced processes or apps within weeks and deploy in production, as and when required.


  • Cost-Saving - Cloud cost (cloud credit) is always cheaper compared to the core on-prem-based application and DB servers and computation resources for any kind of custom/enhanced business process and data scenarios.


  • Scalability - A scalable data and business process can be achieved easily from outside of the core.


  • Innovations - endless possibilities are open outside the core (a good topic for our subsequent post in this series)


  • Smooth Upgrade - hassle-free upgrade to new patches and versions of your core (S/4) systems, as you are not customizing the standard package delivered by SAP.

So, the "Golden Rules" of running any business, can be achieved with a keep-core-clean approach with the help of BTP (Business Technology Platform)

"Golden Rules"

  • Low TCO

  • High ROI


As promised, I will bring more information for our discussions in the subsequent posts.

Till then, if you need any help understanding the Clean-Core with BTP (Business Technology Platform), please feel free to connect (check my bio)




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