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With its followers growing in number, OpenStack is set to achieve the similar success as Linux – which became the most famous open source software project in just two decades. The OpenStack Community has attracted over 13,000 members across 132 countries and has over 150 participating companies – which is why the foundation considers OpenStack as the leading open source cloud operating system.

OpenStack enjoys more global support than any other open source cloud software project. According to IDC’s Gary Chen, the solution is being enhanced and accepted in the business world at a speed comparable with Linux. If you are looking for private cloud deployment, consider OpenStack as a strong viable solution.

More and more companies are drawing their ICT resources from the open source computing platform to save costs and to be able to respond more flexibly. The innovative strength of the Open Source Community is another reason to consider OpenStack. SUSE, platinum member of  OpenStack foundation, has launched in 2012 the first private cloud suite, SUSE Cloud, that is based on OpenStack.

In parallel, SUSE has enhanced the public cloud service offering through close collaboration with leading cloud vendors. This offering gives companies on-demand access to over 11,400 applications already certified for SUSE Linux Enterprise Server – including all important SAP NetWeaver® applications as well as SAP HANA.

Growing Need for Security

In contrast, SUSE Cloud provides companies with access to ICT services via their own networks – thus taking into account the growing need for security and data protection. According to the latest IDC Market Spotlight, many companies that are planning to use cloud services are extremely unsettled by the recent spying scandal. This is why they want to invest more heavily in hybrid cloud environments over the next five years – particularly in private clouds.

Automation, self-service, and use of standard workloads: With these functions, SUSE Cloud powered by OpenStack offers companies a fast way to implement and easily manage private infrastructure as a service (IaaS), allowing them to respond more flexibly and precisely to new market and customer requirements and strengthen their competitive position.

Good Prospects for SAP Customers

SUSE Cloud 2.0  was released in Fall 2013 based on Grizzly and supports the mixed use of KVM, Xen,  Hyper-V hypervisors, and  VMware ESXi (as a technical preview). This opens up promising perspectives particularly for SAP customers to deploy and manage private clouds across all hypervisors using SUSE Cloud powered by OpenStack.

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