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This was an SAP webcast the other month.


Join us for these upcoming webcasts:

September 3 BI: Discover SAP BusinessObjects BI4.3

September 4 BI: SAP BW/4HANA Overview and Roadmap

September 5 BI: SAP Analytics Cloud - Data Connectivity, including Road Map

September 10 BI: SAP Analytics Cloud for SAP BusinessObjects Enterprise customers - Roadmap Update

September 11 - BI: SAP BW/4HANA Conversion

October 9 Making the Right Connections with SAP Analytics Cloud


Esri and SAP have been partners for a long time

Source: SAP

Looking at maps, spatial analytics, on top of HANA

Source: SAP

80% of SAP customers also run Esri ArcGIS as their geo solution

SAP HANA Geo Database capabilities aligned with Esri stack

Allows for integration

Offline workflows supported

Source: SAP

Look at benefits using HANA with Esri technology stack

1 - see return on investment, faster decision making; power of HANA in intelligent enterprise with Esri - no waiting for days and days of iteration

"click by click response"

Custom applications, beyond bounds of GIS departments

2 - cost savings around IT operations, single system record for decision making

3 - improvement in performance and management of data, single source of truth

Remove separate data prep

Source: SAP

2 deployment paths

First is quick start approach

Uses HANA as high performance publication database

Query layers from ArcGIS are published in HANA database provisioned

ArcGIS online, portal, desktop, able to execute queries using native Esri stack, with power of HANA

HANA geodatabase is a side car

Source: SAP

Spatial apps using the publication database

Business owners can make changes, change parameters

Power of HANA as a side car is a quick way to ingest data

Source: SAP

2nd deployment method is using HANA as enterprise geo database itself

Esri application set uses HANA as the native geo database

Esri supports SAP Cloud Platform SAP HANA Service

You can subscribe as HANA as a geo database (not have to install hardware)

"pay as you go"

There is a geo database migration factory program; organizations could decide to go greenfield, spin up new Esri, migrate to that

Source: SAP

Recap - power of HANA is the foundation for a geo database

HANA is a modern web scale geo database architecture

HANA has a range of functions - high performance, fusion - possible to geo enable data, federate queries, connect to web pages, analytics tools, other applications, make data available for immediate action

Speed that solutions are deployed - analytics, development are completed faster, from months to hours

Source: SAP

Rapidly develop new use cases, new analytical model, new dashboard, new predictive model, using spatial engine

Quickly employ, adapt, due to integration with Esri apps; remove barriers to adopt

SAP Analytics Cloud, S/4HANA, has native connection to Esri stack

Webcast replay is here

I was not aware of the 2 deployment options; what do you think?
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