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Hi All,

As you probably aware SP8 upgrade of SOLMAN 7.1 can bring you some issues which would require some time to resolve.

One of them I mentioned in the link below:

Today I’d like to share with you another one.

I’ve noticed that in a transport request screen of a change document ‘Create’ and ‘Cancel’ buttons get changed to ‘No Text’.

To solve the issue I had to create online text repository objects in English. (I presume that they already exist in German).

Run transaction SOTR_EDIT

Select  "Short Text"

Language: "English"

Text: "Create"


and click Create button


In a next sreen maintain the following:

Package: "AI_CRM_CM"

Object Type: "WAPP"

Change the Length field to bigger value such as 32

Ignore few warning messages and save it into a transport request



Then I've done the same for other text repository objects (below), the only difference was about the Text filed.

"AI_CRM_CM/CANCEL_BTN_TXT" with text "Cancel"


“AI_CRM_CM/TRANSPORTREQ_CUST" with text "Customizing Request"


"AI_CRM_CM/TRANSPORTREQ_WORK" with text "Workbench Request".


"AI_CRM_CM/TRANSPORTREQ_TYPE" with text "Request Type"


Then I’ve done the translation for the online text repository objects.

This is not necessary if your system's language is English, but required if other languages than English are used.

So,  run transaction SOTR_EDIT

Select Text Type "Short Text"

Language: "English"

Text: "Create"


and click Change button

Navigate to menu path:  Goto -> Translation, select Target Language and double click on it.

Press ‘Yes’ to confirm the next message

   and save it


Repeat the above steps for other online repository objects' translation:






Now the original texts appear in the Transport request creation screen:

Please have a look at SAP note 1806613 for further details

I hope this helps,



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