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This blog provides an functional overview and use case for post goods receipts using custom Fiori (SAPUI5) app. As I said functional design there are no technical details mentioned here to build the app.

If you think about why there is a need for custom app when we already have standard app provided by SAP. I have explained in detail below what is the business case.             

Business case:

In our business scenario we receive over 500+ small packages containing high tech equipment from the field offices to our central warehouse. This app provides great mobility to our warehouse clerks by accessing Fiori app using tablets or smart phones. So our business team came up with new requirements.


Here are following additional enhancements and business processes covered in this custom Fiori app.

  • Goods receipt with reference to stock transport order as well as purchase order

  • Goods receipt without reference

  • Enable scanning functionality using code128/QRCODE to scan material numbers / FedEx tracking

  • Enhanced screen design to enter partial and full quantity

  • Increase mobility in warehouse receiving area to access Fiori using tablets or smart phones (iOS)

  • Receive missing materials sent in the package along with goods receipt for stock transport order

  • Process large volume of stock transport orders and purchase orders (500 +)


Post Goods Receipt with reference to stock transport order/purchase order

  1. Enter STO/PO (Also enable scanning if you have an barcode in the package)                               




  1. List of line items STO pulled up



  1. Use +/- icon to enter partial quantity or FULL icon to receive in full and Also you can enter any additional material which are received in the package but not in the STO/PO



  1. Post goods receipt Success message



Post Goods receipt without reference:

  1. Enter all the required fields and SUBMIT


  1. Post goods receipt success message


In order to get maximized benefits between using custom SAPUI5 app vs using standard SAPUI5 app please consider the business case carefully.

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