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We recently upgraded and migrated our BW 7..02 to BW 7.40 on HANA platform using DMO successfully. Major emphasize consider from technical front is to get BW system ready for business usage immediately after all SAP Basis and BW/HANA post DMO activities completed.

This is a challenging and required expertize on SAP Basis and BW front and understanding of all reporting and tools available in BW 7.40.

In each step mentioned in our step by step technical sheet consolidated and created by mutual effort of Basis and BW/HANA teams as a combined template for each post DMO effort.

Preparation Infrastructure Tasks
S.NoTask NameDurationTeamRemarks
1Window 2008 upgradeTBDInfra team
2Validate HANA appliance, OS patches, firmware updates etc. updated.TBDInfra team
3Determine means to transport DB export from Source BW to Target HANA in different Datacenter.TBDInfra team
Preparation Basis Tasks
1Kernel upgrade 720_EXT_REL patch 110 or higher including SAPPSCOL, SPAM updateTBDBASIS
2Upgrade Host agent SAP HOST AGENT 7.20 SP188 or higherTBDBASIS
3SAP update to SP17-7 (SAP_BASIS) and SP19-7 (SAP_BW).TBDBASIS
4Dual stack splitTBDBASIS
5Testing and validationTBDBASIS
61736976 - Make sure this note is implemented before sizing reportTBDBASIS
8Generate Stack file for Upgrade to BW 7.4 SP0XXTBDBASIS
9Pre-migration performance tuning on OS, DB, SAP level.TBDBASIS
Preparation BW Tasks
1SAP_BW_HOUSEKEEPING - before the upgrade 1829728 (STC01) TBDBW Team
2SAP BW ABAP Routine Analyzer - checks BW system for critical ABAP statements in data flows and fix outstanding issues.TBDBW/ABAP Team
4Other BW Steps for cleanupTBDBW Team
Pre-Migration Tasks
1Download Latest SUM Toolset and SWPM Tool (for Primary Instance)TBDBASIS
2Download Latest Kernl CD for NW 7.4 for (SQL)TBDBASIS
3Download Latest R3loadctl,R3ta,R3szchk,R3load and SAPEXE,SAPEXEDB  filesTBDBASIS
6SAP HANA requires unicode - Check the Unicode StatusTBDBASIS
7List of HANA components allowed to install ( SAP Note:1603671)TBDBASIS
8SAP HANA hardware check ( SAP Notes: 1652078 & 1658845)TBDBASIS
9SAP BW system to HANA - H/W Sizing ( SAP Note: 1736976 & 1637145)TBDBASIS
10scale out architecture, sizing of master node ( SAP Note: 1855041)TBDBASIS
11ABAP statements will be optimized for SAP HANA ( SAP Note: 1847431)TBDBASIS/BW Team
12install the ABAP Development Tools (SAP Note 1718399)TBDBASIS/BW Team
13Regular tasks for maintenance of BW system - BW Housekeeping Task List ( SAP Note: 1829728 ) as part of HANA_COCKPIT)TBDBASIS
14SAP Business Warehouse Migration to HANA ( SAP Note: 1600929)TBDBASIS
15Optimal settings of SUSE Linux SLES 11 SP3 (SAP Note: 1954788 )TBDBASIS
16Conversion of standard DSO’s in to HANA optimized DSO is no more required ( SAP Note: 1849497 & 1849498)TBDBW Team
17Conversion of standard Info cube in to HANA optimized DSO is no more requiredTBDBW Team
18Prerequisites for HANA migration automatically SAP HANA - Checklist Tool ( SAP Note: 1729988)TBDBASIS
19Migration/system copy to SAP HANA using latest SUM SP13 before starting migration ( SAP Note: 1775293)TBDBASIS
20Perform house keeping tasks to delete unwanted data from database (ZBW_HANA_COCKPIT) TBDBASIS/BW Team
21Consider Table splitting for larger tables ( SAP Note: 1783927)TBDBASIS
22Request or generate a migration keyTBDBASIS
23Update database statistics of Source DB ( SQL)TBDBASIS
24Execute: Pre migration tasklist, SAP_BW_BEFORE_UPGRADE/MIGRATIONTBDBASIS/BW Team
Execute Report: SAP_UPDATE_DBDIFF (SAP Note: 2017638)TBD
Target System:TBD
1Apply Latest HANA Server Software-  DB Version including latest RevisionsTBDBASIS
2Download Latest SAP Hana Client TBDBASIS
3Download Latest SAP Kernel for Target DB for ( HANA)TBDBASIS
4Download Latest Kernl CD for NW 7.4 for (HANA)TBDBASIS
5set the environment variable HDB_MASSIMPORT=YES on Target System during ImportTBDBASIS
7Order and install a new SAP license for HANA DBTBD BASIS
8Correct time zone for HANA DB &  SAP NetWeaver (CST instead of UTC)TBDBASIS
9Check UUIID libraries on Linux based AppServers ( SAP Note: 1310037)TBDBASIS
10Local host name refers to loopback address ( SAP Note: 1054467)TBDBASIS
Unicode conversion Preparation
Run report UMG_ADD_PREP_STEP - the below tasks are now part of this reportTBDBASIS
Delete QCM tables Note: 9385TBDBASIS
BW System conversions:/BI0/0; Note: 449891TBDBASIS
Apply Note 679275 for RPU470ADJUST_T52C5TBDBASIS
Report RADNTLANG 480671, 672835TBDBASIS
Reset nametab buffers /$NAMTBDBASIS
Consistency check  for ABAP Dictionary  - Run report RUTCHKNT  in SE38 (172 Inconsistent Objects)/RUTMSJOB TBDBASIS
Check entries Table TCPDB in SE16TBDBASIS
Print old spool requests (Can also execute report UMG_POOL_TABLE) 842767TBDBASIS
Run R3check on database levelTBDBASIS
Update DB Statistics Before ScansTBDBASIS
Application of note # 970780TBDBASIS
Run report RS_TRANSLATION_EXPORT_OLD_PP as described in SAP Note 660873 (now obsolete) and 1055820TBDBASIS
Reset All Scans TBDBASIS
Initialise language listTBDBASIS
Edit Language ListTBDBASIS
Maintain SPUMG Settings; (make checkpoint "active" & create secondary index on CDCLS, as given in Summary document)TBDBASIS
Run report RSCP0125 to check if the code page(s) are roundtrip-compatible.TBDBASIS
Update WorkListTBDBASIS
Configuration of operation mode to increse the background jobsTBDBASIS
SCAN1-Perform Consistency Check in SPUMGTBDBASIS
Updated statistics on UMGCCTL, UMGPMIG, UMGPMDIC, UMGPMDII and UMGSTAT/Vocabulary files upload as per note 756535 TBDBASIS
DMO Specific tasks
execute command --> SUMSTART confighostagentTBDBASIS
From Browser run - http://<hostname>:1128/msl/upgrade/<SID>/doc/guiTBDBASIS
follow the SUM Screens with Expert mode selectionTBDBASIS
Migration and Upgrade Tasks
Necessary Pre Steps (Application Specific) - Source SystemTBDBASIS
1 Execute: RS_SYSTEM_SHUTDOWN / Migration CockpitTBDBASIS
4Tablesplit Preparation selectionTBDBASIS
5Run the Export Preparation with SUMTBDBASIS
Specify the TMP/TEMP space Bourne shell (sh)TBDBASIS
TEMP=/usr/sap/tmp; export TEMPTBDBASIS
TMP=/usr/sap/tmp; export TMPTBDBASIS
6Table split PreparationTBDBASIS
7Specify Export Dump LocationTBDBASIS
8Check the availability of the created files in the export directoryTBDBASIS
9Run the Export with SWPM - DB Instance ExportTBDBASIS
10Check the availability of the created files in the export directoryTBDBASIS
7Starting the import with SWPMTBDBASIS
8Specify HANA client version for the HANA server revisionTBDBASIS
9Register in SLD during SWPM InstallatonTBDBASIS
10Refer Note 885441 - Common Migration ErrorsTBDBASIS
11Check invalid_objects.txt after Import CompletionTBDBASIS
Post-Migration Tasks
1Find the potential Infoproviders that can be retired when using HANA. ( SAP Note 1908367) TBDBW Team
2For comparing ABAP code execution times after a migration to SAP HANA ( SAP Note: 1942889)TBDBW Team
3Order and install a new SAP license ( BW)TBDBASIS
4Correct the DEFAULT.PFL and adapt the instance profileTBDBASIS
5Import new license and check secure storage after migrationTBDBASIS
6Apply corrections after SP08 for HANA based systems ( SAP Note: 1769670)TBDBASIS/BW Team
7Manual processing of some SAP notes ( SAP Note 1673420)TBDBASIS
8check the consistency with transaction DB02TBDBASIS
10BW-MT: Composite SAP Note for SAP NetWeaver 7.40 SP07 4/2 - executing UDO reporTBDBW Team
11OData and BICS - Corrections after SP07?TBDBW Team
12Workspace Designer - Corrections after SP07?TBDBW Team
1953480 - Column view generation after upgrade to SAP BW 7.40 SP5 or above TBDBASIS
14Modifying the SAP profiles (restart SAP)TBDBASIS
15Check the HDB/ABAP settings in generalTBDBASIS
16Check the HDB settings for SP08 and higherTBDBASIS
17Check transaction SECSTORE after system copyTBDBASIS
18Reset the logon groupsTBDBASIS
19Check settings in report RSCPINSTTBDBASIS
20Check myself connection after system migration ( RSA1)TBDBASIS
21Check DSO activation parametersTBDBASIS
22Execute: Report RS_BW_POST_MIGRATION - run in Background with Variant SAP&POSTMGRDBTBDBASIS/BW Team
23Execute: The post migration tasklist, SAP_BW_AFTER MIGRATIONTBDBASIS/BW Team
24Convert the BW InfoCubes to in-memory optimized - Transaction RSMIGRHANADBTBDBW Team
25Check the settings for TMS after the system copyTBDBASIS
26Check SE06 SettingsTBDBASIS
27Check SE80 – PackageTBDBW Team
28Check further SAP NetWeaver BW basis settings ( if Any)TBDBASIS
29Remodel process chain to remove the obsolete variants in process chainTBDBW Team
30Install calender related hierarchy - from business contentTBDBW Team
31Connect to Hana StudioTBDBW Team
32Role determination and assignment for Hana tool administrationTBDSecurity
33Functional Check listTBDBW Team
Unicode Conversion Post Steps
34Complete Post System copy steps as per system copy guideTBDBASIS
36Run report UMG_POOL_TABLE  (SAP note 813445)TBDBASIS
38Run report RSCPINST and Activate New NLS configurationTBDBASIS
39Check Table PoolsTBDBASIS
40Special Handling of DBTABLOG Tables; Note # 1042842TBDBASIS
41Special Handling of Tlock * Tables; Note # 795871TBDBASIS
42Import the Proposal Pool for the translation workbench by running RS_TRANSLATION_IMPORT_OLD_PP for all source – target language TBDBASIS
43Create file_info.txt fileTBDBASIS
45Table  DMEE_TREE_NODE run report HRUU_CONVERT_IN_UNICODE if necessary(Note 895804)TBDBASIS
46Adapt Parameters according to SAP Note 790099TBDBASIS
47RFC Destinations; Apply SAP Note 647495, 547444 & 722193TBDBASIS
48SUMG - Completion procedure using file_info.txtTBDBASIS
49SAP License Application TBDBASIS

Note, these steps are generic steps for Post BW Migration using DMO., consider it as template only.

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