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                   UWL To SharePoint  Integration Document

                    To Display UWL Item Count(category wise)

AIM: To display the count of UWL Items category wise using java class, jspdynpage &mybean.

Please find the document  'UWL-Sharepoint Integration Document' attached to find the detailed step wise process used to achieve the output.


The document will help to display the UWL item count from the Portal into the Sharepoint. Here we have used UWL API's( available on to retrieve the UWL count. To get the java class method used to count the items refer to the page 'jspdyn_java' within the document .xls attached.

The whole process have been done using Web Dynpro Java. We have used a Portal Component DC to achieve the solution.

Note : The above solution is possible for Browser version >IE8, for lower versions we faced Cross Domain Restrictions due to browser restrictions.

For any doubts related to the document drop a mail on:  /

Due to the Attachment Limitation, i could not attach the .docx files that i've mentioned below. To get the documents please mail me at the above given Email id,. i shall reply as soon as possible with the documents.


Documents attched : 1.'UWL-Sharepoint Integration Document'

                                            2.'jspdyn_java' (page inside the xls file)

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