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This simple blog would give you some points noted for XI/PI Maintenance activities.

During Maintenance stopping all Communication Channels will still enable the HTTP /IDOC transactions flow.

This at times would bring overhead to the ongoing Maintenance process and suspicions about running interfaces.

We could avoid the situations if we include the point of Deactivating the queues/Shutdown the Integration Server completely.

This simple activity above would confirm the PI sytem shutdown completely and to avoid any overheads during regular maintenance.


Lock the Integration Server for incoming messages by calling the transaction Integration Engine - Administration (SXMB_ADM) and choosing Integration Engine Configuration -> Specific Configuration -> Change -> New Entries. Select the category RUNTIME and then the parameter ENTRY LOCK: Set the current value to 1 (LOCKED) and choose Save.

Note: If you set this parameter, messages that have already been
received will still be processed. By locking the inbound queues you can ensure that all messages arriving prior to setting the lock will still be processed. For this you have to wait till no more XI outbound queues are visible in transaction SMQ2 and all the messages are processed in the Adapter Engine. This waiting time will of course result in additional delay of the shutdown process.

Deregister the queues of the XI system directly by using transaction SXMB_ADM -> Manage Queues. Select the radio button "Deregister Queues" and then the button "Execute action". By doing this the processing of all messages in the queues will be stopped immediately. Monitor the remaining entries in the queues by using transaction SMQ2 until no more queues are listed.

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