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Last month we heard about Visual Intelligence from SAP's jason.rose and manikandan.srinivasan on an SCN Analytics webcast (replay is available here and is available to everyone).  Gagan Reen, IBM, covered customer use cases for Visual Intelligence too.

At the end of the webcast SAP said they will be offering a personal edition of Visual Intelligence for $99.  They explained this offer would be a like personal copy of Visual Intelligence that allows you to connect to Excel/.CSV and share and it would be available on SAP Store soon.  I just searched SAP Store today and it is not available yet.

What is new in Visual Intelligence 1.0.8?  Playing detective, I thought I would look to see via published information.

SAP Analytics Tutorials on Visual Intelligence 1.0.8

Recent videos produced by SAP on Visual Intelligence 1.0.8:

Define a Measure as without Aggregation: SAP Visual Intelligence 1.0.8

Convert Text String to Date: SAP Visual Intelligence 1.0.8

Filter Data with HANA Variables: SAP Visual Intelligence 1.0.8

Edit an SQL Data Source: SAP Visual Intelligence 1.0.8

Full list of Visual Intelligence videos is posted here:

Or you can go here courtesy of the SAP In House Product Education Team:

What's new for 1.0.8

Source: SAP

Latest Visual Intelligence Roadmap

Lastly, I went to (Service Marketplace logon required) to see the latest roadmap published on February 28th

Some of the planned innovations listed are as follows, per the SAP roadmap: (note that with roadmaps the usual disclaimer applies that things are always subject to change)

  • Improve SAP HANA support via HANA variables and input parameters
  • Edit query enhancements for  Free Hand SQL and universes  - remove columns from initial dataset
  • SAP Visual Intelligence, personal edition
  • Enhanced data manipulation:
    • Convert “to date” in data manipulation panel
    • New formula functions, for example current date
    • “None” as new aggregation option
  • Extend usage of SAP Visual Intelligence Localized to English, Spanish, German, French, Japanese, Simplified Chinese, Brazilian Portuguese, Russian  and support for Windows 8

Source: SAP Roadmap

My assumption (I am not speaking for SAP) is these will be in version 1.0.8 – we’ll see soon.  We’ll learn more I hope on the 3/12 tweet chat and more in an upcoming ASUG Webcast What's New In Explorer 4.1 and Visual Intelligence March 13

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