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Hi All,

This is my first blog in SAPUI5 community. Hope all people will like this blog.

I start building this application just for fun but now I want to share with all my developer friends.

It's a Sudoku game with 4 and 9 grid matrix options.

Based on selected matrix, the respective cell matrix will display in page to set initial values.

Set some initial value in cells ( for example : refer below screen)


Note: Depends on selected matrix, any one of cell should be filled with respect to Box. In above case, four box are filled with some values.

After fill initial values, select "SET INITIAL" button to set initial values. ( As we see in Sudoku screen).


By pressing "SET INITIAL" button, more three button will display (as above screen) and SET INITIAL button will disappear. And all set cells values field will be disable to stop changing values.

Now Sudoku is ready to play.

After fill the all cell. User can use "CHECK" button to validate result.(As per sudoku rules).


Whenever an error found, system will display the respective error row or column information.( as above screen). If no error found then a Success message will display. (Below screen).


In above screen three more option exist, Refresh, Show Result and Reset.

By use of REFRESH option, user can make the play matrix as same like initial stage. It will clear the all entered and set values. And only two option will display in screen, SET INITIAL and REFRESH.

By use of RESET option, user can reset the play board same as after selected SET INITIAL option.

And finally SHOW RESULT option, by use this option, user can see the final result of set Play board.

Note: Sudoku is pure mind game and users follow some trick to get the final result. I have followed some of the tricks to fill the final result based on initial values. If someone found it's not working for any Set Value, please forward the initial value chart to me.

To direct play the game use below link, use your scn login credential to login into game.

Play Sudoku Game

For my developer friends, the all program and other files are in can be download from below link.

GitHub - Sudoku: Sudoku game in SAPUI5

NOTE:  Game will display good and aligned in Chrome browser.

Best of luck.. :smile:

Praveer Kumar Sen

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