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This was SAP webinar from last month.

Don't forget to register for these upcoming planning-related webcasts:

April 2 BI: A Beginner’s Guide to Use SAP Analytics Cloud for Business Planning

April 11 BI: Hybrid Planning Scenarios Built by SAP Analytics Cloud for Planning and SAP Business Planning an...


Delivered through a "best practice" program

Source: SAP

Source data from S/4HANA is in SAP Analytics Cloud, offering a set of dashboards, predefined dashboards, trend reports, cost center based plan, variance reports, year over year reporting

How to reconcile results to your SAP ERP system, bring data together, reconcile to sources and return data back to ERP

Planning input forms

New introduction is workforce planning; tap into HR source (SuccessFactors) - tap into head count, merge with expenses, to perform head count expense planning

Plans include capital planning

Plans also include project budget planning

SAP Analytics Cloud is "data source" neutral

Planning on specific data sources

Source: SAP

Merge data sources, run planning processes there

Pre-deliver a model based on SAP data sources - model, dimension names, set of reports, analysis views to review results

Analysis - preset built of dashboards, live feeds to review live data in SAP Analytics Cloud

Do not need to invest in BW; can bring data into SAP Analytics Cloud

Best practices are provided to integrate data

Solution built for S/4HANA Cloud but can also use with S/4HANA 1809 on-premise

Source: SAP

Provide a dashboard story, reporting, and planning story

Planning input templates, allow you to input and create data

Source: SAP

More details on the architecture, predefined content

Planning, analysis, integration

What-if analysis without risk to ERP

Source: SAP

Workforce planning is usually outside ERP

Head count planning involves tapping into more than 1 data source (SuccessFactors and S/4HANA)

Cost center is a shared dimension between the two

Source: SAP

At the bottom, have S/4HANA and SuccessFactors

Easy for end users to consume; work to merge has been done

Source: SAP

Create projects in S/4HANA, bring that into SAC, and retract back to S/4HANA

Question & Answer

Q: Is planning integrated with S/4HANA on premise?

A: with 1809 release

Q: Are flat files supports?

A: Yes

Q: How create connections

A: See Guided Playlists Archive | SAP | SAP

Q: Can you add commenting to planning forms?

A: Yes, and can do collaboration

Q: Are S/4HANA CDS views delivered?

A: Yes, they are standard, and do not need to create them

Q: Programming language for SAC?

A: 4 elements of calculation - formula in story, account formula, advanced formulas is a form of script logic, aggregations in hierarchies


We also have planning sessions at ASUG Annual Conference in May - check out our schedule today.
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