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Learning SAP Analytics Cloud Planning requires hands-on. To get a well rounded experience you need end-to-end scenario starting from creation of planning data model, importing data, actual planning and reporting. To begin with, you have to have a planing scenario that you familiar with, that makes sense to you. I came up with such scenario - Planning Family Budget.

I took Statistics Canada Household Data 2017 and compared it with my family budget. For the purpose of comparison I created a number of KPIs, for example, Shelter, Food, Transportation, etc as a % of total family income. During planning you can see how your family spending habits aligned with spending habits of other families in the country. Even though all families situation is different, planning still will gives you an idea what your financial situation is, see where you can improve, set financial goals, etc.

Disclaimer: it is just a learning exercise

Below are Family dimension hierarchy

And here are Account dimension hierarchy

Planning model master and transaction data can be loaded from here

Among many things you can learn with this models are: KPIs creation, creation of scripts, planning functions, collaboration, etc
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