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This was a great session with SAP's jeanne.bigonnet

Road map - subject to change:

Source: SAP



Q: Is there  a one pager comparing add-in for MS Office vs Analysis Office for SAC?  Comparing licenses, functionality, connectivity..

A: Currently we do not have such a comparison to share. But this add in is a brand new offer built on Office 365 where Analysis for Office is a mature product, so we really cannot compare it.  As a reminder the new add in is not a successor of Analysis for Office


Q: SAC with BPC (embedded) live connection: is this scenario possible with the add-in?  Is the execution of planning sequences possible?

A: At this point in time, SAC add-in focuses to replicated SAC models and planning.  Live connections are planned for a later point in time. Reason behind: first focusing to deliver many features.  It is still early in product lifecycle and MS's office API is also catching up with many features.  So first features, then new connections.  First live connection will be SAP Data Warehouse Cloud, currently tentatively planned for mid-2021.


Q: Is it possible to use it also for group reporting - available on SAC?

A: Currently the add-in only connects to acquired data on SAC models, so if you create one model based on group reporting acquired data, you will be able to retrieve and work with the data in Excel.


Q: Do you have already a rough idea when access to live models will be possible (BI scenarios)?

A: First focus is on adding features before opening to live connections.  We currently plan to add SAP Data Warehouse Cloud connectivity first, tentatively around mid-2021.  HANA and BW will follow but not before end of 2021 (as far as we can assess today)


Q: Does the add-in work with Microsoft Government GCC High O365 cloud?

A: We have not tested it.  Currently only tested and released for the official Microsoft 365 bundle.


Q: Is the add-in compatible with Analysis for Office and EPM add-ins?  Have had significant problems in the past with compatibility

A: You cannot use the add-in with EPM or Analysis for Office in the same workbook.


Q: Will the cell comments be available in Excel?  For visualization and/or entry point for new comments?

A: SAC comments are on our current 2021 road map, most probably second half


Q: How can we use Analysis Office Add-in with SAC?  Can the AO Add in read SAC stories/tables?

A: Do you mean SAC add in for Office?  First, deploy the add in and then connect the SAC models with acquired data.  How to deploy the add-in:


Q: Is it possible to trigger data actions?  Also would like to know difference between process data and publish data options

A: Data action is on our road map for 2021 future direction.  Process data means "recalculate", the aggregation / disaggregation are performed by the system.  Then you can decide to publish it or not and if you do then the data will be saved in the public version.


Q: Does this add-on only work in the web version of Excel? Does it not work in the Excel on the local computer?

A: Sure, it works on Excel desktop on Windows and Mac as well as Excel online.  You can even see it on the iPad but the Microsoft API does not allow to add custom ribbon tabs at this point in time, the use is limited to sheet and task pane.


Q: As strong planning front end, will it have APIs to filter, bring in dimensions, call data actions?

A: We have a strong road map.  Please see it in Road Map explorer for next year


Q: User needs not only SAC BI license but also SAC planning license, right?

A: You can use the product with any SAC subscription.


Q: If you insert 2 queries under each other vertically will there be an overlapping problem like in Analysis for Office on premise?  Or will it adjust the second query position?

A: At this point in time, it is rendering above existing data. Adding new data sources is automatically done on new sheets at this point in time. We will cover this at a later point in time.


Q: Is it possible to create workbooks with cell formulas, similar to what happens in Analysis for Office (like GetDataCell or SetDataCell)?

A: Cell-based data access is a very important scenario for Excel users.  We have this on our short-term product plan for Q2/2021.

Kudos to jeanne.bigonnet and alexander.peter for answering so many questions (all of them) during the "live" session.

You can watch the replay here

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