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SAP TechEd Bangalore has just finished, but planning for the next SAP TechEd has already started.  Along with fellow ASUG Volunteers gretchen.lindquist and Kristen Dennis, and our SAP Point of Contact peter.mcnulty have already started planning for ASUG call for speakers at SAP TechEd Las Vegas, which is October 19-23 in Las Vegas.

Call for speakers for ASUG is planned to start April 20th and end May 24th (schedule is subject to change).  As I am a believer in "prior planning prevents poor performance" this is an early heads-up to start planning your abstract submission now, if possible.

Some more details are below:

Source: SAP TechEd submission site

The above is the screen that tells you the deadline and this is open to non-SAP employee speakers.  You also need to be a member of ASUG to present.

The difference between SAP TechEd and ASUG Annual Conference is ASUG at TechEd only allows for one speaker on a submission.  No co-speakers are allowed on the submission.

Source: SAP TechEd submission site

In case you cannot read the above it states "ASUG - This special call for proposals is open to SAP customers and partners who are members of Americas' SAP Users' Group (ASUG). SAP Employees are not eligible to participate in this special opportunity unless specifically invited. The ASUG Customer sessions are one-hour lecture sessions. Session proposals are subject to a final review by the ASUG Design Team. You will receive notification regarding the status of your proposal by mid-June."

Source: SAP TechEd submission site

If you are accepted you receive a complimentary registration and again it says only one speaker per ASUG Customer session.

Source: SAP TechEd submission site

The above shows the key dates.  One difference this year is if you are selected and you do not upload your presentation on time it is subject to cancellation.

Source: SAP TechEd submission site

When you submit a session you can see the tracks above.

Source: SAP TechEd submission site

Last year session descriptions were limited to 350 characters (that was tough).  It has been expanded to 500 characters as shown above.

Source: SAP TechEd submission site

New hot topics this year include S/4HANA and the Internet of Things.

So please start thinking of a submission - ASUG sessions ideally should share customer stories.

Why should you submit? Quote from Stephen Johannes, previous speaker:

"You don't need to present on "newest stuff" to get accepted....It is also a great way for you to deepen your own personal understanding of a particular topic. Even though you may think you know a topic very well, it is amazing how building the presentations will force you to pick up every single detail as part of you research. " - stephen.johannes

If you have more questions, please post them below.

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