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We recently had participated in SAP Organized Hackathon called Hack2Build for SAP BTP Workflow Management. And guess what we have won the First Runners-Up Position and thus very excited to share the whole journey with you guys.


What could you expect from this blog?

Well, It's very important why you are going spend your precious time on reading this blog right? Well this blog is not just about our journey and how we have secured 2nd position. Its more about business problem we have tried to solve with SAP BTP workflow managment, how we came up with problems, our approach of solving this, what is the future plan and most importantly how SAP Customer could get benefit out of it. I hope now it make sense to put your two cents.


Btw there is an amazing recap blog posted by vasanth.kumar about Hack2build, which gives you more information about Hack2Build Hackathon.


Everything Begins with an Idea - Earl Nightingale

But trust me in our case the Idea for this Hack2Build was not born in one day, rather our last implementation project gave us really hard time to solve certain customer problem and when we digged more into the problem, interestingly we found that, this is not just one customer's problem rather it's a problems for many customer and it needs a Serious solution :P.

Million Dollar Question:  What Problems we are here talking about?

Think about you are setting a new online retail business so definately steamlining product information is very important across multiple systems like ERP, Marketing, Commerce etc. In order to steam line product information you need a PIM (Product Information Management system) where you could model the product data, onboard the product, configure different governance policy and approval so that different data steward from different department could be able to control the quality. Finally after approval from each data steward allow to flow the approved data into different system automatically, which could be possible when your PIM will have standard Integration with different system like ERP, Marketing Platform and Commerce. Now biggest challenge is in market there is no standard solution which does have all of this which force customer to develop their own solution but that requires additional time of development and loads of investment which also would have great impact on Go-Live. There are certain PIM are available in market but they are very costly and it lacks integration with SAP Product and lack governance.


Is it Ideal SAP Business Technology Platform Side by Side Extension Use case

To address above problem SAP BTP is Ideal and workflow management is perfect Instrumental role player in setting up governance and Policy. Further more customer wants everything to be plug in play which allow them to keep their core clean.


Need more help in dreaming?

Story is very simple there are four types of persona exist in this solution, 1) Product Data Modeler who model or define the structure of Product Data. 2) Product On-Boarding Manager who create the product in PIM system. 3) Data Steward who further fill missing Data and look at quality control. 4) Data Steward Manager who further look at overall quality and take final decision. On approval the product data get created in ERP, Commerce, Marketing system. 

Target Customer group and GTM

Mid Market and SME specially in Retail & Consumer Packaged Goods who uses SAP ERP (S/4HANA / S/4HANA Public Cloud) are ideal target group. We are envisioning milestones like releasing the MVP in SAP store, making the solution a full featured headless PIM and expanding into other regions.


I had great opportunities to team up with great like minded people inside Aarini, who showed the equal passion and commitment which made this possible to finish this competition with 1st runners up Position. 

Well, with this i would like to wrap up my today's blog. I hope this journey is helpful for others and you liked it. Let me know your thoughts in comment section.

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