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This document is in continuation to my previous blog PI.DOC- Integration between Non-SAP System and SFSF BizX. - Part II


Screenshot below shows Configuration [ Integration Directory] object for update user data scenario.


PI Configuration Overview

Sender and Receiver logical business component representing source and Target System.



The business component contains sender interfaces and sender connector.

Outbound Interface : UpdateRequest_Sync_Out

Connector Sender : CC_SOAPUISessionCreate

The business component contains receiver interfaces and receiver connector.

Inbound Interface : UpdateRequest_Sync_Out

Connector1 : CC_SOAP_Receive_SessionCreate

Connector 2: CC_SOAP_Axis_Receive_DataSend

SOAP Sender Communication channel – Getting data from source system.

Connector Sender : CC_SOAPUISessionCreate

SOAP Receiver Communication channel – Used to call login Operation to get session ID.

Connector1 : CC_SOAP_Receive_SessionCreate

[  Image ]


SOAP-AXIS Receiver communication channel along with axis Module config:

Sending xml data to SFSF SOAP UpdateOperation API with Session ID in HTTP header.

Connector 2: CC_SOAP_Axis_Receive_DataSend

Integrated configuration Object : Check Screenshot Tab by Tab.

Testing Scenario:

Updating email address to SFSF from third Party.

Updating with

1.       Log in into Successfactor frontend

2.       Go to Admin tool

3.       Open API Data dictionary

4.       Search User Entity details.

Downloading WSDL to desktop from SAP PI Integration Directory :

1.       Log in into SAP PI Integration Directory

2.       Open Integrated Configuration Object

3.       Go to Integrated Configuration

4.       Hit Display and generate WSDL.

5.       Result : Downloaded WSDL to Desktop.

Sender System Application: SOAP UI Tool

1.       Upload Downloaded WSDL here in SOAP UI.

2.       Populate Sender data in appropriate fields.

3.       Choose correct endpoint.

4.       Enter SAP PI Username and Password Detail.

5.       Hit Send Response data

6.       Result : Here Sent Response data to SAP PI System and Receive Success response.

Middleware - Message Monitoring :-

1.       Go to SAP PIMON

2.       Choose Message Monitoring

3.       Fill appropriate filter criteria and Shows Message

4.       Result : Here successfully received and delivered to SF SOAP API.

SAP PIMON Message Monitoring log details.

Target System : Successfactor Biz X.

1.       Log in into Successfactor frontend

2.       Go to Admin

3.       Open API Audit Log Details.

4.       Result : Here Shows Request and Response data received from SAP PI.

Successfactor frontend screen showing updated email ID. - Successful.

Thanks ......

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