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This document is in continuation to my previous blog PI.DOC- Integration between Non-SAP System and SFSF BizX. - Part I


Screenshot below shows Development [ESR] object for Update User Data.


PI ESR Object Development Overview

Externel Defination created using Demo WSDL URL:

1.       Open above URL in explorer.

2.       Right Click

3.       View Source

4.       Save as SF.wsdl

5.       Use this WSDL to create External Defination.

6.       Message SFWebSeviceFaultException is used to handle Fault Message.

7.       Message UpdateResponse is used to handle Response Message.

Name : EXTDEF_SuccessfactorsDemoWSDL

Request Message Type


UpdateRequest of WSDL External Defination  is amended and saved again as XSD, which will be used later in Request Message mapping.

Reason of doing changes in updateRequest : It doesn’t have email fields added in it. So in our case we added email field in updateRequest then saved it as .XSD and again uploaded it for further use.


You can use tool like Altova XMLSpy to handle such cases.

Name : EXTDEF_UpdateEmailOperation_XSD

Create Outbound and Inbound synchronous service interface.

Name : UpdateRequest_Sync_Out

Name: UpdateRequest_Sync_In

Message Mappings

Message Mapping – Request

Name :UpdateOperation_Request_MessageMapping

UDF Name :Get_SessionID

Purpose : UDF is to perform soap lookup and get session ID as response. Later pass this UDF to next UDF.

UDF Name :Set_Cookie

Purpose : UDF is to use dynamic configurations and communication channel’s ASMA properties to set SessionID as Cookie parameter of HTTP Header.


Message Mapping – Response

One to One Mapping.

Name : Update_Response_Mapping



Message Mapping – Fault

One to One Mapping.

Name : Messagemapping_Fault

Opeartion Mapping :

Name : UpdateOperation_OperationMapping

to be continued.. PI.DOC- Integration between Non-SAP System and SFSF BizX. - Part III


Due to Size limitation rest will be continued to PI.DOC– Integration between Non-SAP System and SFSF BizX. - Part III

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