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1.     Document Objective

·         This document provides pre-requisite information about configuration needed for the integration of Non – SAP and SuccessFactors Biz X.

o   Uploading Security Certificates under Trusted CA and Web-Store.

o   Deploying SOAP Axis JAR files on SAP Server to enable AXIS Protocol in SOAP.

·         This document provides an example of the setup in the PI ESR & ID needed for the hybrid integration of SAP ERP HCM and SuccessFactors Biz X.

·         The following information and screen shots have been created based on a test system. Hence, in your case, the configuration will deviate depending on the system landscape and the NW PI release in use.

The document provides a step by step execution of test scenario updating email information from Non SAP system to SFSF Biz X - User Entity.

This process can be replicate to update other fields too.


2.     Document Detail

SAP PI Version: SAP Netweaver 7.30    &Single Stack

SFSF BizX Entity : User

Source System: Non SAP SOAP System

Target System: SAP SFSF

This document explains the setup of scenario for the updating user data consisting of the login and update operation.

     Screenshot: Integration solution to integrate Non SAP System with SFSF using SAP PI Middleware.

Third Party to SAP PI integrated through SOAP (HTTP) Sender connector.

SAP PI to SFSF SOAP Login Operation API integrated through SOAP (HTTP) Receiver Connector.

SAP PI to SFSF SOAP Update Operation API integrated through SOAP (axis) Receiver connector.

All calls are synchronous in nature with Third Party being source to SFSF.

The login service needs to be configured differently from all other services.

This is necessary due to the session handling mechanism. While the login service receives the session ID in the payload of the response message, all subsequent requests must use an HTTP header cookie to transfer the session ID to SuccessFactors. Therefore, all services other than the login need to use a communication channel that uses SOAP AXIS adapter in order to write the cookie to the HTTP header.

This procedure can also be copied for other scenarios too.

Target Demo WSDL URL:



Technical Solution/ Approach


Request Procedure:

Step 1. Non SAP System triggers the process with Update Request Data.i.e. here Non SAP is SOAP UI.

Step 2.  Data will be received by SAP PI using SOAP [HTTP] Sender adapter.

Step 3. From Request Message Mapping – SOAP Lookup, Login Operation of SF API will be triggered to get Session ID and get Authentication from SAP Success factor.

Step 4. A successful login will return a session ID as Lookup Response.

Step 5. Then this cookie must be passed back to all subsequent SF API Operation Calls in order to authenticate.

Step 6. This Session ID will be later set in an HTTP Cookie Parameter using Dynamic ASMA properties of Receiver SOAP Channel.

Step 7. Last Update request will be sent to SF using Update Operation and it requires this Session ID to come in HTTP header along with data.


Response Procedure:

Step 1 Response will be sent back to SOAP Sender System without any amendments in Message Mapping.

Step 2 Response will be displayed in SOAP UI.

Important points to consider before setting up Integration scenario between SAP PI and SFSF interface are following :-

1. Opening firewall unidirectional port 443 from SAP PI to SFSF

2. Being B2B - Secure call this would need security Certificates in Trusted CA and WebStore.

3. You may not have Axis protocol in your SAP PI Box. Get it deployed explicitly

Upload the following three security Certificates in exact same sequence under Trusted CA and WebStore.

1. thawte.cert

2. ThawteSSLCA.cert

3. Successfactors.cert                                               

Step to get these security Certificates:-

1.  Go to Google Chrome.

2.  Open SF WSLD URL in Google - Chrome i.e.

< Sales Demo Environment URL: >

3.  Right Click.

4.  Choose "View Page Info".

5.  Go to Connections.

6.  Choose Certificate information.

7.  Go to Certification Path (Select Path each one by one).

8.  Now go to View Certificates.

9. Above step will open a new window.

10. Go to detail tab.

11. Copy this to file.

12. Repeat steps 8-11 for saving other two certificate files.

     Screenshot: Downloaded Security Certificate

     Screenshot: Before deploying Successfactors Security Certificates – Channel Ping Status.

Steps to Deploy these Security Certificates:-

1. Go to NetWeaver Administrator.

2. Go to the Configuration Management tab.

3. Choose "Certificates and Keys."

4. Select "Trusted CAs".

5. Click the "Import Entry" button.

6. In the "Select Entry Type" field, choose "X.509 Certificate".

7. In the "Enter path to certificate" field type in or navigate to the certificate file you downloaded from the Successfactors URL.

8. Repeat steps 5-7 for the other two certificate files.

9. Highlight Keystore/ WebServiceSecurity.

10. Repeat steps 5-7 for each of the 3 certificate files.

11. Rename Successfactors to *

Implementation of Jar files for SOAP AXIS adapter in SAP PI to enable SOAP AXIS Protocol in SOAP Adapter.


Google and Download following JAR files:-






1. Note 1039369 - FAQ XI Axis Adapter

2. Download attachment - faq_axis_adapter.ZIP

3. Extract ZIP file.

4. Go to Path "faq_axis_adapter\res\axisprovider\710_minimum_kit\710\minimum_kit\"

5. Open “” with winrar

"Note: This is a Template SDA file with Blank JAR files in it"

6. Add above downloaded JAR files in\lib folder.

7. Maintain all entries in\server\provider.xml

8. Get it deployed on SAP PI Server.

Use URL http ://<host>:< port>/XIAxisAdapter/MessageServlet/ to check whether it is correctly deployed or not.

to be continued.. PI.DOC- Integration between Non-SAP System and SFSF BizX. - Part II


Due to Size limitation rest will be continued to PI.DOC– Integration between Non-SAP System and SFSF BizX. - Part II

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