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Recently, I was involved in a project with the goal of splitting app server and dB to split them on different hosts. If app and dB server are on the same host, there's no confusion as there's only a single host. However, if in case of dB and app server split, dB host should be taken for technical systems.

We got following errors after app/dB split.

- Error with cache notification.

- Adapter engine not found.

- Business system not found on execution of LCR_GET_OWN_BUSINESS_SYSTEM.

We had to do the following steps in the below order to get it working:

  1. Recreate SAP technical systems

a) Delete existing technical systems for SAP systems.

b) Regenerate these technical systems (RZ70).

2.Regenerate PI business system and technical systems of type "Process Integration"

a)Delete all technical systems of type 'Process Integration'.

b) Delete PI business system

c) Execute PI self registration:

In  SAP Net Weaver Administrator:

Configuration Management --> Scenarios --> Configuration Wizard : All Configuration Tasks --> PI SLD Self Registration

This step:

                i) Regenerates technical systems of type 'Process Integration'

                ii) Recreates PI business system. If PI business system is not deleted in 2 b), this step will fail. If you want to use a different name, it should be done                     after all steps are complete.

3.Restart integration builder / integration repository / RWB and AE.

Net weaver Administrator:

SAP Netweaver Administrator --> Operation

Management --> Systems --> Start&Stop --> Java EE Applications

  1. (Adapter Engine)
  2. (Integration Builder/Configuration)
  3. (Integration Builder/Design)
  4. (Runtime Workbench)

4.Adjust all SAP business systems to use the new technical system. The technical systems should appear as below.

Hopefully it can save someone some time in trying to work these out.

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