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SAP Sapphire "is in the books" and SAP has not been stingy with news and innovations. 🚀

Time for me to review the Sapphire and give you the opportunity to read everything in one single Blogpost.

Part 1 - Revolutionize your business with SAP Business AI!

Cloud ERP: Increase your visibility, productivity, and results with AI-powered functionality in the S/4HANA Cloud ERP solution. Effortlessly anticipate and manage change, streamline your financial processes, automate your sales orders, and optimize your supply chain

Procurement: Navigate effortlessly through changing market conditions! SAP Business AI simplifies your procurement processes, from integrating new suppliers with intelligent invoice conversion to supporting your employees with guided purchasing processes based on AI.

Customer experience: Personalize your customer experience like never before! Use AI to generate lead and customer prediction scores, create engaging e-commerce experiences, and provide personalized recommendations with SAP Digital Assistant.

Support and management: AI capabilities make SAP support more efficient and responsive. Get proactive support and anticipate and resolve issues before they occur. Accelerate your business process management with generative AI in Signavio Process Manager.

Industry-specific solutions: SAP Business AI is tailored to the specific needs of your industry. Optimize inventory and costs in retail with Predictive Replenishment and streamline quoting processes in manufacturing with Intelligent Product Recommendation.

HR management: Unleash the potential of your employees! Our SAP Business AI improves your HR management with Talent Intelligence, enabling your employees to showcase their skills, discover personalized career paths, and provides functionality for the overall management of your workforce.


Part 2 - Sustainability is crucial and SAP is making a contribution!

SAP has just announced that they want to revolutionize carbon accounting and lead companies to a green ledger. You can now make financial and environmental decisions based on accurate data. How cool is that?

When you're on the SAP Business Network, you now have the ability to select suppliers based not only on price and availability, but also on their sustainability rating and human rights record. This builds trust and drives sustainability in your supply chain.

SAP partners with Planon to offer sustainable real estate and workplace management. Together, they offer you an integrated solution to make your building management more efficient and sustainable. It's time to go green! 🌿

With SAP Intelligent Agriculture and BayWa's Vista, you get access to satellite-driven data to optimize your farming decisions and make them more sustainable. Join the movement and make the world greener! 🚜

SAP enables you as a manufacturing company to contribute to the circular economy. You can now proactively choose to reuse, remanufacture, or recycle secondary materials. Be a pioneer and shape the future sustainably! 🔁

Are you in the retail business? Then SAP Recommerce is just right for you! You can now put surplus, restored, returned, and used products back on the market and make a positive contribution to the circular economy.


Part 3 - Connecting Industries and Enterprises!

SAP Business Network for Industry was announced to help customers in specific industries improve and extend their business processes with trading partners. Predefined use cases are offered for rapid implementation and immediate use. Target industries include consumer goods, high tech, industrial manufacturing, and life sciences.

SAP is expanding supplier capabilities on SAP Business Network to showcase and grow their business. Planned innovations include supplier insights, simplified integration, marketplace catalogs, intelligent lead matching capabilities, and enhanced company profiles.

Taulia, a provider of working capital management solutions, integrates its solutions with the SAP Business Network to streamline payment and procurement processes. Buyers on the network can also use Taulia virtual cards to pay suppliers.

SAP is introducing SAP Category Management, a solution that helps procurement teams strategically use data to identify trends, develop strategies, and measure success against business metrics. The solution is scheduled to be available in August 2023.

SAP announced the Buying 360 feature in SAP Ariba Buying to make purchasing more predictable, personalized and sustainable. This feature will also be integrated into SAP S/4HANA Cloud, Public Edition.

SAP is introducing the SAP Blockchain Business Connector, which enables customers to collaborate with multiple companies, individuals, and institutions without relying on a central data verification system. The solution is expected to be available in beta later in 2023.

SAP Customer Experience (CX) organization announces industry-specific accelerators that connect back-end business processes with customer experiences. These accelerators will run on SAP Customer Data Cloud solutions and provide powerful analytics and intelligence to design consistent customer experiences.

SAP offers new localization capabilities for country-specific financial, legal, and tax regulations to help customers operate globally while complying with local regulations.


What are your personal highlights from the SAP Sapphire in Orlando?


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