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There will be certain situations where we would need to perform “What If Analysis” process to check how the changes has an impact on the outcome of the model where we use several set of values in formulas we applied and explore various results. Generally, we can use many visualisation tools to perform such scenarios. So, in this blog post I have discussed the workaround using SAP BusinessObjects Dashboards Tool (Xcelsius).


Generally, while performing a What If Analysis we need a scenario which helps us in pertaining the changes in the outcome of the model. Here I have used a Financial model to demonstrate What If Analysis.


While developing a P & L Dashboard I got a requirement from the customer to enable What If Analysis feature in the financial statement’s outcome. Hence, I have used the Excel functionality in the SAP BusinessObjects Dashboards Tool (Xcelsius) where we were able to proceed without altering much in the back end.

So, in order to do this, I have performed What If Analysis using simple formulas in my P & L Dashboard as we know Gross Profit is obtained by deducting Expenses from Sales Value, Here I have used simple Excel Formula as shown in screenshot below to dynamically change the outcome.

And I have mapped the cell to a Spinner Component as shown below


In this way I have used Gauge and Spinner components to predict the outcome for the input entered by the user.

Please refer the sample working video.

Thus I have performed What If Analysis for this P & L Dashboard.


So, from this blog post you could have got an idea on how to perform "What If Analysis" using Xcelsius tool to predict the outcome. Please feel free to share your views and ideas on the same and also share if you have any workarounds in such case.
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