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Introduction: This blog guides us through on how to Optimize the performance for FI Related Standard Datasources - 0FI_GL_10 & 0CO_OM_OPA_6.


For Datasource: 0FI_GL_10 -- Create Indexes on the New GL Summary Table (FAGLFLEXT). The indexes can be primarily created for the fields: TIMESTAMP, RACCT & PRCTR. As the number of fields increases for the indexes, the performance also improves.. Index is created for field TIMESTAMP on “ALL DATABASE SYSTEMS”. Another index is created using other fields available in the ECC table such as RACCT (Account Number) & PRCTR (Profit Center) on all the database systems.

For Datasource: 0CO_OM_OPA_6 - For table COEP, the index 4 was activated on ‘ALL DATABASE SYSTEMS’. Apply source code corrections mentioned in OSS note 1424403. Also change the following settings in the table BWOM_SETTINGS. Specify the Datasource Name: ‘0CO_OM_OPA_6’. For field PARAM_NAME = NOBLOCKING, set the PARAM_VALUE as ‘X’.

After performing the above mentioned changes, Refresh DB statistics for tables COEP & COBK.

The mentioned steps has helped us to provide 60% efficiency in the data loads for the mentioned datasources..

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