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Big Data and SAP Work Manager natually fit together.  They form a virtous cycle.  Mobile solutions when done right enable your field workers to capture information at the point of performance.  This leads to greater information collected as well as more accurate and timely information.  For instance, unreported work gets captured as well as what parts were used, how long it took to complete and better reasons for failure reported.

This all feeds Big Data solutions such as predictive maintenance.  Work order assignments to your mobile device will be driven by the big data recommendations from predictive maintenance. Better decisions drive better field performance such as better first time fix rates, greater number of completed jobs, lower service and support cost, and getting the right service parts on time.   Read more at this blog Innovating Maintenance with Customer Specific Solutions Built on SAP HANA

You can check out SAP Work Manager on the Big Data Bus visiting cities across North America and Europe.

At SAP Manufacturing Industry Forum last week in Chicago, we were swamped showing a wide array of demonstrations on the Big Data Bus.  Not only was SAP Work Manager demoed, solutions using Internet of Things with remote service were shown to see real world examples people can understand beyond the techhnology.

For more on mobile and what was shared at the SAP Manufacturing Industry Forum 2014, click here.

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