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Hi Friends,

Well here is my learnings and analysis for SAP Predictive ....

I saw the GEEK challenge downloaded the software and on you go it is faaaar simple but a little hick-ups as usual.

Then I downloaded the data "Workforce Distribution Report for SAP Visual Intelligence Challenge"

Being an ABAPER..... something like this is far far relaxing than the chart engine to render something like this will take ages.....

The most import aspect to get through is to understand the MEASURES in the DATA ....

Once the data is in you need to decide fairly what is the exact thing you need to analyse.

Whether it the total you need or the count you need or the DISTINCT Count it took me a while to figure out but once done it was KooooooooooooooL.

First I did a bit basic ....

Occupation Code wise Male / Female Ratio of Occupation it turned out good

Then I raised the bar to have it 2 ways... which took a little time

I checked the data the results were wrong then I had to select appropriate count types and there it was done

Occupation wise Pay Scale analysis.... its really great and easy....

Have a look guys its worth the efforts and :smile:

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