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So many have the question in mind that whether the analytical modeling capabilities as powerful as those that can be done in SAP BW via complex transformation logic or will BW remain the solution for more complex transformation of data?Just to give a answer for that,,,,,,when we look in to the HANA in depth we can observe that There are mainly two paths for utilizing SAP HANA.

The first is HANA standalone by which you will utilize Data Services 4.0, BOBJ 4.0 and SAP HANA modeling to utilize the capabilities of BW.

The second path is SAP BW powered by SAP HANA. by which we can continue to utilize BW NW 7.3 as normal.Actually main difference is that the underlying RDMS is now SAP HANA. There are also optimizations within BW 7.3 that allow you to convert DSOs and InfoCubes into “In-Memory” optimized versions. where we can leverage the power of SAP HANA without the need to learn a new tools set. As a whole we can say that, The modeling capabilities in SAP HANA have  to be supplemented with Data Services 4.0 with the full set capabilities of BW.

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