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At the end of this blog you will have a fair Idea on what it takes to get the SAP on AWS specialty certification from AWS, this certificate tests the candidate’s knowledge in both SAP and AWS in advanced level.

In case you are new to AWS cloud, learning the basic and its well architected principals should be the first step (refer: Further reading section) but according to exam guide 5 or more years of SAP experience and 1 or more years of experience in working with SAP on AWS is recommended.

For the experienced (SAP and AWS Cloud):

Consultant who have experience in SAP-Basis and experience in managing some type of AWS workloads preferably on Linux on the AWS cloud, for them cracking this certification will be relatively easy and below learning path will give an additional direction.

Tested Domain Knowledge:

Following domain knowledge of SAP and AWS are tested

Domain 1: Design of SAP workloads on AWS - 30%

Domain 2: Implementation of SAP workloads on AWS - 24%

Domain 3: Migration of SAP workloads on AWS - 26%

Domain 4: Operation and Maintenance of SAP workloads on AWS - 20%

Learning Path:

The following links will provide only the basics level of understanding, complement your knowledge with more Hands-on-experience and further reading through the respective sites.

  1. AWS Networking fundamentals (

Understanding the cloud networking is highly essentials to run any workloads on Hyper Scaler           this link will give you kickstart to understand.

2. AWS Launch Wizard (

Automating the implementation of SAP-HANA/SAP-Netweaver is discussed in details

3. AWS Migrate and Optimize (

Different migration technology are available and one such scenario is discussed.

4. AWS Systems Manager (

Operating and Maintenance SAP workloads on  Hyper Scaler is another area where the skills            are tested

Important SAP-NOTES:

  1. 1656099 - SAP Applications on AWS:Supported DB/OS and AWS EC2 instance

  2. 1656250 - SAP on AWS Support Prerequisites

  3. 1964337 -  Amazon EC2 on SAP HANA

SAP - Basis Skills:

Following SAP-Basis skills are tested like High Availability, Disaster Recovery, DMO, SAP HANA and SAP HANA replications, SAP HANA Backup and Restore. .

Further Reading:

  1. Signup for the free course on “SAP on AWS (Technical)” in AWS Skill builder

  2. Test your skills for free @ Benchprep for AWS Certified: SAP on AWS - Specialty Official Practice Question Set (English)

  3. AWS Certified: SAP on AWS – Specialty (PAS-C01) Sample Exam Questions

  4. Refer Exam readiness Guide

Other Resources & Blogs:

The following resources and blogs will be helpful in getting closer to your dream certification, and understanding the examples in the blog is highly essentials and you can relate more questions from these blogs

Exam Tips:

  1. In case you are thinking of attempting the certification through PSI make sure that your name is correctly registered in (, have a valid ID with the same name including the spelling, otherwise your exam will be void and  you cannot change the schedule of the exam before 24 hours.

  2. Be prepared for 2 hours and 45 minutes intense and lengthy exam and you won’t have enough time in case you are not confident on the answers.

  3. In case you are narrowed down to two answer out of 4/3, read the question again and look for the differentiator .

Thought of the Mind:

Branching into the Cloud from on premises is a journey, so prepared for long haul .


Your comments are highly appreciated and you are welcome to like/comment/share this blog
These are my personnel opinion,  I have attempted the SAP on AWS specialty certification after years of experience in SAP -Basis and having the following certifications SAP Basis , AWS Cloud Practitioner and AWS Solution Architect – Associate.
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