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Our project requirement stated that we should be able to link to AO report(Analysis for Office) from Lumira Dashboard. While this was easily achieved using the Opendoc url function, what seemed challenging was to enable the passing of parameters while making the call to the AO Report.

This blog post describes my learning in this regard and provides the solution to acheive it.

The standard opendoc function is described below:



where we have given the IDType as CUID and ABCDE is the CUID of the Analysis for Office document.

After searching through standard documentation , I found the below syntax rule for passing parameter to the AO Report in the AO hyperlink section of AO standard documentataion (link given below in reference section)

where ABCDE is the CUID of the Analysis for Office document.

ZVAR_001 is technical name of the bex variable in the AO report

value is the value we want to set or pass to the variable in AO from Lumira side


In the lumira dashboard, I have a button to enable the opening of the AO report.

So I have used this code on the "on click" event for the button. On running the dashboard, when we click on this button, it opens the AO report and we can see that the value we have passed is now being populated for the prompt which has the technical name ZVAR_001.


To provide another example, lets say we want to call an AO report from Lumira and pass the company code value, following is the code:


So we have seen how to enable the correct syntax in order to achieve the linking of AO report from Lumira along with passing the desired value/parameter as well

This required a bit of a digging around the standard documentations since the Opendoc syntax document doesnt have a mention of this syntax. Hence I strongly believe this can help you save time and effort searching the correct syntax and easily enable you to perform parameter passing to AO reports from Lumira dashboards.


SAP Opendoc Syntax

AO Passing Prompts


Please feel free to provide your feedback or if you have any questions on this topic in the comments below.

Also any related queries can be posted to SAP Lumira

Thank You!
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