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This blog explains how to pass Date Range from Design Studio to a Web Intelligence  Report via Open document with BW data.

Using a Bex query  in Design studio which contains an Optional Date Prompt

So when user selects a date range from Design Studio via Calendar component

Passing the selected date to  this optional prompt and returning the results in Design Studio .

Here user wanted to open a Web Intelligence report from Design Studio for detailed analysis with date range parameter. Below steps will explain how to manage it.

Create a Web Intelligence Report

First of all create a Web Intelligence report with the same Bex query , when WebI is refreshed then the Optional date prompt appears 

the User response of the Date range  is as follows

as per the below thread , I found the Open doc syntax for the Date Time range and the URL for open doc .

Now we need to create DateTime  format in Design Studio .

Create Date Time Range format in Design Studio

Create below  DateTime format in Design studio to pass the selected date from the calendar component  to a Webi Report

Finding the Start Date and End Date from the Calendar Component

Create 6 Global variables in Design Studio for Start and End dates,

1.Start Month

2.Start Day

3.Start Year

4.End Month

5.End Day

6.End Year

There are two calendar components

  1. From
  2. To

1.From Calendar Component (named as DEMO_FROM)

When a Date is selected in "From Calendar component "

then we will take the output via following script


Now we need to find Day,Month and Year for Starting date from the above calender component

a) Script for Start  Month from the calendar component

Start Month=Convert.subString(DEMO_FROM.getDate().substring(6,2),2);

b) Script for Start Day  from the calendar component

Start Day=DEMO_FROM.getDate().substring(6);

c) Script for Start Year  from the calendar component

Start Year=DEMO_FROM.getDate().substring(0,4);

1.To Calendar Component (named as DEMO_TO)

When a Date selected in "To Calendar component "

then we will take the output via following script


a)  Script for End  Month from the To Calendar component

End Month=Convert.subString(DEMO_TO.getDate().substring(6,2),2);

b)  Script for End Day from the To Calendar component

End Day=DEMO_TO.getDate().substring(6);

c)  Script for End Year from the To Calendar component

End Year=DEMO_TO.getDate().substring(0,4);

Building the Open Document URL

Currently  with the above steps we have Start and End  Year, Month and Day values .

  Now we  need to built the Date Time syntax as below

Creating some of the variables

var comma =",";

Now appending the Start and End Year, Month and Day variable in the final Date Time Variable

var datetime="[DateTime("+Start Year+ comma+ Start Month +comma + StartDay + comma +"12"+ comma +"0"+ comma +"0+")"+".."+"DateTime("+End Year+ comma+ End Month +comma + End Day  + comma +"12"+ comma +"0"+ comma +"0+")]"

Above the time is given as yellow color.

After the above step the result will look like this

var u_datetime= Convert.urlEncode(datetime);

Finally Open Document URL is

       APPLICATION.openNewWindow("http://boserver/BOE/OpenDocument/opendoc/openDocument.jsp?sIDType=CUID&sType=wid&sRefresh=Y&iDocID=A..."+ "&lsRZTM_EVT_RANGE="+ u_datetime);

where ZTM_EVT_RANGE= this is the prompt text of the Date range in Webi Report

Now we successfully Opened the Web Intelligence report by passing Date Range from Design Studio .!!

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