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One of the common requirement in cloud platform integration is message processing from one application to another application. Generally the message processing to multiple receivers or for single receiver is based on some routing conditions or based on customer expectations.

Here i am going to explain one scenario where Business is expecting same PDF file without changing any content to target application. This document will give you an idea about SFTP file adapter configurations.

Problem Description:

Business is expecting to send same Shipment PDF documents from Source application to target application with the same file naming convention and without any change in content. CPI needs to place the PDF files in to target SFTP AL11 folders.

Prerequisites : You should have CPI tenant access.

Design approach: This scenario represents SFTP to SFTP and No Mapping involved. Here target application is SAP ECC system and file should be placed on AL11 folders.

Build Analysis:   

This step will provide you an idea how to configure the Interface.

Step 1: Configure sender SFTP channel by providing information to all the required Mandatory fields. Please get these details from Source team and do the connectivity test from Monitoring page before you are configuring sender SFTP channel. You will get Credentials from Source application team.

a) Deploy Host Key

b) Deploy Credentials of SFTP Server.

If the connectivity test is working fine, you will get Host Key details of SFTP Server. Please take a copy and deploy in CPI.

Connectivity Test :

Monitoring --> Overview-->Test Connectivity.

Provide all required information and click on send button.

You will get Success response like below.

If connection is working fine, proceed for Sender SFTP channel configuration.


Step 2: Repeat the same step for connectivity test for Receiver SFTP server and do the channel configuration if everything looks fine.

a) Don't keep anything at File Name Parameter

b) Don't enable Append Timestamp option, if you enable this option the file name will go with Timestamp naming convention instead of expected naming convention by customers.

Step 3: Create Integration components for file transmission from End to End.

Use one Content Modifier which will helps you to get file name at run time.


Step 4: Go to Message Header Property of Content Modifier and configure like below.

Camel Expression: ${file:name}

This Expression will help you to get the file name from Run time, which will be very helpful during testing phase.

Please don't keep anything in Message Body. If you kept something, the PDF file content will be missed at target end and they can able to see only PDF file name and without any content. Hence don't keep anything.


Step 5: Deploy the Interface.

Step 6: After successful execution you will see PDF file is located in AL11 folder.


Conclusion: Finally this documents gives an initiative for beginners, how to use SFTP adapter.

Note : I am very new to CPI technology. Hope this blog will help for beginners
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