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There are requirements when we pass through files with the help of SAP PI interfaces. Its very simple to achieve this functionality i PI.

To achieve this scenario we don't require ESR objects. We have to use dummy sender/receiver interface and namespace.

Below are the steps for creating this scenario:

Step1: Create a File/SFTP sender channel to pick the file from source directory.

Step 2: Create a Receiver file Channel to place the file in target directory.

Step 3: Create an ICO with dummy Sender and Receiver Interface.

Step 4: Now Place a test file in the source directory, so that channel picks it and send it to the target directory.

Step 5: Now start your sender communication Channel and you can see the log in communication channel that file is successfully picked and placed to target directory.

You can see the file in the target directory and file is successful message log in message monitoring tab as below:

In target directory you can see your output file.

This is simple and basic scenario but it can be helpful for newbies.



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