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In case you've been living under a rock, the SAP BusinessObjects User Conference is coming up in Orlando, FL on September 10-13, and it's high time you put your agenda together. Here's what I'm planning on being up to.

Sunday, September 9

While this is before the conference officially starts, this is when most of us will need to start traveling in order to be there first thing Monday morning. Pro tip? Fly in early Sunday and attend the Influencer Summit Sunday afternoon. It's only the most important meeting for steering the community direction and the SAP Analytics agenda for the next year. Afterwards? Some pricey restaurant within the hotel (currently seeking sponsors).

Monday, September 10

The TimeThe ThingThe Deal

Harnessing the Power of Innovation to Supercharge Growth - Sanjay J. Poonen

I normally wouldn't wake up this early without a toddler pulling on my face, but Sanjay is worth it.
10:00Hands on with the IDTI've never created a multi-source universe before. I'm assuming it'll be just like Big Love but with more swearing.
12:00pLunch, Networking, and ShowcasingWhat? Learning burns calories. I'll also be buzzing the SAP booth to see things like Visual Intelligence.
1:00pASUGNews InterviewIf you're around, stop by the booth and catch Tom Wailgum pretending that I'm a professional.
2:00pHands on with Webi in BI4Can't pass this opportunity up
3:30pPoolIt's a tiny window. I couldn't possibly fit a session in here.
5:00pDiversified Semantic Layer TweetupListen to the podcast? Come on over to hang with the team. Don't listen? Come on over to hang out with former guests and other pillars of the BOBJ community.
5:30pPartner ShowcaseI'll get my base buzz on before checking in on the Developer Wars participants and finding someone to buy me dinner.

Tuesday, September 11

The TimeThe ThingThe Deal

Turning Big Data into Intelligent Data - Join the Decision Revolution - John Schweitzer

I'm a little worn out on "Big Data" at this point, but if we see some demos of quality data delivery I'm all-in.
10:00The Future of Business Intelligence at SAP BusinessObjectsBe sure to bring your Analytics Buzzword Bingo board to this one. I myself like to bring 2 cards.
11:15Go, Universe, Go! Techniques for Performance TuningOf course, I could just spend this time buying HANA and make it a moot point...
12:00pLunchAs man cannot live on bread alone, I'm hoping they'll have some nice salad and those tiny little desserts lying around as well.
1:00pSpaI'm up next, and I'm not talking in front of anybody without a Elemis Pro-Collagen Quartz Lift Facial I want some of whatever you're smoking.
2:45pDSLayer Panel: BI4 - How to Make the Magic HappenMy name's on the agenda, someone's bound to get miffed if I don't show up for this.
4:00pSuccess Stories and Lessons Learned Implementing SAP HANA® SolutionsMostly going to see who the unicorn successful BOBJ Legacy HANA customer is.
6:30pDeveloper WarsI certainly wouldn't want to say I didn't see the crowning of the winners of the very first analytics-focused competition for charity. Plus, I'll need the alibi for later.

Wednesday, September 12

The TimeThe ThingThe Deal

Race to keynote stage, realize there is no keynote today

My conference clock is sometimes a little off.
9:15Dashboarding Roadmap UpdateMy early favorite for most-tweeted session of the conference.
10:30What Happens When SAP BusinessObjects Gets "Too Big"What are you looking at? You're looking at my repository aren't you? Well I'm working on it!
11:30LunchNormally the third lunch at SBOUC is a boxed lunch. So this should be better.
1:30pHow Mentor Graphics Learned to Stop Worrying about SAP BusinessObjects Desktop lntelligence and Love...First prize for putting a nail in the Deski coffin is getting me to sit in on your session.
2:45pEnterprise Mobile Lifecycle ManagementTough to skip a customer-led Mobility session. Just sayin'.
4:00pGetting Friendly with the Remote Support ComponentI think this is like Solution Manager but for BOBJ. Which means I probably really need to attend this session.
7:00pForeigner ConcertIn the interest of transparency, I couldn't name one of their songs, but I still plan on rocking out.

Thursday, September 13

The new event at this year's SBOUC is the SAP-sponsored Analytics Forum following the event. If you haven't already planned on staying in the hotel again Wednesday night and flying out Thursday afternoon, might want to start changing those reservations now.

I should let you know that anytime I'm not at one of the sessions listed above I'll either be posted up at a bar or hanging in the DSLayer booth (right next to the EV Technologies booth) on the show floor. If you think I've missed out on some super-important session (I've already shot myself in the foot by not catching either of Dallas's sessions), please add a comment below.

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