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I was wondering how we can fetch Partner Determination depending on Category values... searched access sequences and PFAC rules without any luck.

Today morning unexpectedly I came up with idea, why not use Standard BRF+ support team determination

At first glance, it's looks like only work for Support Team Determination in SMIN/ZMIN transaction types but I give it a try and searched

And YES IT IS WORKING!!! now im happy to share this with you my friends let's get started!

This technology will work for any type of Solman transactions both ITSM or CHARM

Example Scenario: As an Example I took a ZMCR transaction type, so when ZMCR created and certain category chosen the Developer will filled automatically after Saving transaction.

So as usual steps we need to do:

  1. Tcode BRF+ create own Function and Application copy from standard
  2. Tcode SPPFC Create action in ZMCR_ACTIONS similar to SMIN_STD_FIND_PARTNER_FDT, input own container values
  3. Tcode SPPFDETCRM schedule it
  4. Tcode SM_CRM test results

1. Tcode BRF+ create own Function and Application copy from standard

First we need to copy function SUPPORT_TEAM for our needs in feature, hit search button.

Object type - functions

Object name - SUPPORT_TEAM

Right-click on Support_team function and choose copy

Target Application SOLMAN

Left Include Referenced Objects empty and press OK button

Now activate it, you will see warnings ignore them its okay. the same warnings is shown in standard Support_Team

Now we need to create all other objects like Application, Ruleset, Rules and Decision table

You may follow very nice wiki Support Team Determination via Business Rule Framework plus - SAP IT Service Management on SAP Solut...

I did the same but with different data and i will show only the pics where we have different values, all other the same technology

  • First Create Application
  • Give name and texts, mark Create Local Application if you don't want to put it in Transport Request
  • And press Create and Navigate to object
  • Activate it
  • Create rule set, name it like you want with first leading characters Z/Y
  • Assign Function that we created earlier it was ZSUPPORT_TEAM08512
  • Create Decision table name it like you want, now here choose fields Category for Condition Columns and support_team for Result Columns
  • Insert row in Cat. ID contains any *CHARM* here we need to give a technical code ID of the Category you may find it in SM_CRM - Service operations - Categorization Schema


Example my category schema ID all have value in it *CHARM* like on screenshot below

So in my scenario this will trigger for any Category but you may restrict till deeper level as per requirement


Give the value for Support_team in our case this will be Developer.

  • When creating Rule don't forget to take own function
  • Okay we finish activate all objects ignore warnings and check simulation, Tools - Simulation
  • input CAT ID from Decision table and press run simulation

Okay BRF+ is working fine we complete  with this topic

2.Tcode SPPFC Create action in ZMCR_ACTIONS similar to SMIN_STD_FIND_PARTNER_FDT, input own container values

Choose ZMCR_ACTIONS and create new actions copy everything from SMIN_STD_FIND_PARTNER_FDT

We only will have different container parameters

Now here is the most interesting part let's talk about each parameter

Partner_FCT = here you need to input partner function that need's to be filled, partner function must exist in Transaction

APPLICATION_ID - GUID of the SOLMAN application its always the same 0050568E6E9A02DE82A4EC0838CD95E5

Function_ID - GUID of the our Function you may find it in BRF+ , pick function and check General Data

Rest parameters is for Email if you want to use also the email triggering then just copy it from SMIN action

3. Tcode SPPFDETCRM schedule it

Just add this action to list and save

Save and we done with configuration

4.Tcode SM_CRM test results

Create RfC and fill categories, dont touch Developer field and save.

Result partner  function Developer will be automatically filled after the first save !


Ok we done enjoy using it.

This is only an example you also may use all other fields like system, installation number, sold-to-party and much more

and this will work for any Transaction type without any additional ABAP

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