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This is the second blog for my Blog series “Architecting Complex Real Life Business Scenario on SAP BTP with ease [ Targeting Multiple backend S/4HANA System utilizing Principal Propagation]. In my previous blog, we have discussed in detail from the Business Perspective, I would be discussing about detail Technical Architecture in this blog.

Next blog is about the actual system setup and Technical Solution

A quick summery from the Business Requirements discussed in my previous blog:

  • Business needs applications which work seamlessly across user’s spread all over the Globe.

  • Business Users are accessing multiple backend S4HANA system and company codes are unique for those specific system and user’s access is based on those company codes.

  • Based on the User’s authorizations at company code level remaining information’s like FI Document, Purchase Contract etc. needs to be retrieved.

Key Architectural factor for designing this Solution

  • One app supports Multiple Backend S4HANA Systems.

  • Dynamically Backend System determination based on the User’s Login.

  • Principal Propagation: User’s identity  passed from BTP to Backend System.

  • API availability with those backend system for retrieving the data.

  • User’s data fetching can be restricted in backend only based on their authorization.

  • Last but not least “ Keep the Core Clean”.

Key deciding factor for solution design

High Level Architecture and Technical Flow

Technical Flow of the Process


Technical Flow of the Solution

High Level Solution  Architecture


High Level Technical Solution Architecture


Deep Dive into Detailed Technical Architecture 


I have prepared the below detailed Technical Architecture for the better understanding of the various components involved the solutions.

Let's go through for each component and for better understanding, please follow the sequence of the numbering in Orange circled for each step.

1.User will be logged in to BTP Application via Work zone / launch Pad service.

2. User's Identity will be verified via corporate ADFS.

3. Business User is authenticated and able to open the application [ Developed via Cloud  Application Programming Model aka CAPM aka CAP]

4. User's will select the Company Code , maintained as configuration table in SAP HANA Cloud[ Company Code & Destination Combination].

5.  Based on the Company Code Selected, respective Principal Propagation based destination will  be triggered to respective Backend system.

6. As it is On premise system call, Instance of connectivity service will be used.

7.CAPM application will the backend API via secured tunnel.

8.Cloud connector is being to connect BTP and Backend system securely. As this Principal Propagation so user's identity is being passed to backend which will be used to retrieve the data only for which user is authorized .


Detailed Technical Architecture with Multiple Backend Utilizing Principal Propagation

I hope, we are now very much clear with the Business requirement and use case( first blog) , Technical Architecture( current blog), now lets’ move to my next blog for setting up BTP and Technical components in real system for this use case/ scenario.

I keep sharing and posting latest happenings on my LinkedIn, Happy to connect over my LinkedIn too.

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Mohit Bansal

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