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The objective of this document is to call WebDynpro URL from workflow. We are going to see how to read application parameters in Webdynpro and also how to pass the URL details which is more than 80 characters length from Workflow.

We are going to divide it in two parts.

Part I will explain about SWO1 and SWDD steps.

Refer the below document for Part I.

Part II will explain about WebDynpro and triggering workflow from ABAP program. This document covers Part II.



Step3:Build a Webdynpro application which reads application parameters and define output

We are going to have ALV display based on tripdate passed. Tripdate needs to be provided as input when this URL is called.

Define component controller with context node as below.

Define component controller attribute COMP_DATE as below. It is going to be used for reading the Trip Date when webdynpro is called.

Do mapping between context nodes of view and component controller.

Do the coding as below. It is just to get data based on comp_date which is being read as input when URL is called.

Go to Windows and do the mapping in context as below.

Make sure properties as updated as below in Component controller, View Main, Windows.

Go to HANDLEDEFAULT method and define TRIPDATE as below and do the coding. It will help to hold tripdate value being passed when URL is called.

Go to component usage and mapping is done between data and context.

Step4: Build ABAP program to trigger workflow which should in turn call webdynpro from mail


Execute program.

Then check SBWP inbox.

Click the link.

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