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Hello Friends,

You have followd previous blog and now ready for the next step

Before we start configuring our SAP solution Manager system lets make sure we have configured HTTPS for ABAP and JAVA system


In order to perform this step open SAP NWA for JAVA system and navigate to SSL: Configuration page as shown below

Your Final Configuration will be looking like below...

Make sure you select Port-Specific option for your each port shown below.

Delete existing ssl-credentials and create new

After that you generate CSR Request and download certificate

After you have sign your certificate with signing authority import CSR Response

Restart SSL Provider Service


Open STRUSTSSO2 Transaction code

Exoprt System PSE certificate and sign it with certificate authority

Create SSL Client SSL Client (Standard)

Create SSL Client SSL Client (Anonymous)

Crate SSL Server Standard

Note: Make sure you do not forgot to import root CA for signing authority on ABAP and JAVA system

Lets start System Preparation Step on next document

Thank you for reading
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