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Hello All,

In this blog, I will be covering the Error handling process using Forward Error Handling (FEH)

     You can use FEH for error handling of incoming documents. You can also use it to send acknowledgements to your business partners on Ariba Network about documents you have received with errors. To send such acknowledgements, you can schedule the report Send Acknowledgements for Incoming cXML Messages to Ariba Network (ARBFND_FEH_SEND_STAT_ACKNO).   The Forward Error Handling (FEH) framework is available with SAP_BS_FND 70 and higher. 

Activated Error and Conflict Handler (ECH) :

Customizing for Cross-Application >> Components under Processes and Tools for Enterprise Applications >> Enterprise Services >> Error and Conflict Handler >> Activate Error and Conflict Handler . In the Activate ECH for Clients view, select the Activated checkbox.

Define Business Processes:

     In this Customizing activity you define the business processes that you want to use instead of or in addition to those in the standard delivery of the Error and Conflict Handler.

Define Business Processes for Postprocessing Office:

     In this Customizing activity you define the business processes that you want to assign to components and processes in the Postprocessing office

Assign Caller to a Business Process:

     In this Customizing activity you can, for example, register your own Enterprise Services that call the Error and Conflict Handler. You do this by assigning defined components and business processes to your own Application Programming Interface (API).

Define Payload Attributes:

     In this Customizing activity, you define the attributes that are extracted from payloads in Error and Conflict Handler. In addition, you use the assignment of DDIC objects to control the properties of the fields related to the extracted values.

Display Payload Attributes:

     In this Customizing activity, you define which payload data the system accesses  for the payload attributes. To do so, you assign extraction paths to the attributes. You can use payload attributes to search for postprocessing orders. You can also control the display of  related objects in the detail screen for Post Processing desktop. For each object type of a related object that you have specified here, a separate tab page is displayed in the  Processing Methods  group box of an object area (this is possible only for BOR objects).  You also enter extraction paths for the key fields of the related objects.

NOTE: Here is where in PI you can clearly define Attributes easily... not for the adapter though. This is due to the CXML_MESSAGE_CONTROL being a string.

Transaction: ech_moni_sel:

     Run the transaction after posting a error.

As mentioned in the above note the cXML cannot be edited with a defined structure.

Good Luck....

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