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Hello Friends,

Welcome back gain

You have followd previous blog

Lets start SUM process

For help : Things You need to know MSSQL/Windows: SUM Tool 1.0 Support Pack 16

SUM Process

Configure TMS for your system before starting SUM process


Run SUM tool for ABAP login to system with <sidadm> user

Command to run SUM : - STARTUP.BAT confighostagent jvm6

Open : http://HOSTNAME:1128/lmsl/sumabap/<SID>/doc/sluigui/

Select No migration

Close on this message

Click Next

Select Standard and continue

Configure process accoring to your requirments

Apply SAP notes in system as shown by SUM below

Configure OSS1 and download and apply SAP notes

Contine on next step

Recheck the values

Check values again and continue


Verify target versions

Add request if you have any

SPDD request if you have any


Confirm Check step


Release any open transport you have in system (We created transport for SUM notes)

Lock your system now

Wait till process finish

Perform Action Complete and continue

Make sure you have complete backup and continue

Click Next


Wait till process finish

Mark as Action Complete

Click next

Click Next

Click Next

Click Next till all process coplete

Send Information to SAP and complete SUM process

In next step we will be looking at JAVA process

Thank you for reading


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