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I have written a blog to download cpi packages and store on Google drive.

My tenent trial period has ended this month and all the integration contents are deleted. Now let us read the integration packages which are in the Google Drive folder and upload the same to the cpi tenant.


1. Open Connector

Create your open connector instance as mentioned in the blog.

I have created an instance and tried to read one package. Take note of the URL and Authorization header. You would need this when configuring your iflow to read the file from Google Drive.



We have post method available in Odata api, to upload the package.

If you want to overwrite the content, you can construct the URL like below

https://<host address>/api/v1/IntegrationPackages?Overwrite=true


"PackageContent":<base64-encoded package content>

3. Oauth Credentials


Create your OAuth credentials and add the same in security material. 


Upload single package

Let us first read the Single package file from the Google Drive folder and upload it to the cpi tenant.

As mentioned in the above step, for example, I am reading a single file PI_26_Solace and uploading it to the cpi tenant.




  1. Content modifier 1
    This step adds the Authorisation header for making HTTPS call to open the connector URL. I am just copy-pasting the auth header from the open connector instance.

  2. Request-reply 1
    Here I have manually given the folder path of the file that I want to read. Here we get the output and this will be a zip file. Odata API actually expects a base64 encoded file.

  3. Base64 Endcode
    This encodes the payload into base64 encoded string

  4. Content modifier 2
    Setting content type in the header
    Add the payload in the message body

  5. ODATA API Call


Once iflow runs, you can see that iflow is uploaded successfully into cpi tenant.

After interface run


If you want to upload all the files from Google Drive to the cpi tenant, you can use this method to get all the files from the drive and use the single file download approach to upload all the files.

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