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Hello Friends,


You already have your ABAP stack running now its time to install JAVA stack on same server you have ABAP stack running



Sun SWPM and select following (SAP Solution Manager 7.2 Support Release 1 >> SAP Solution Manager 7.2 JAVAP Support Release 1 >> MS SQL Server >> SAP System >> Application Server JAVA >> Standard System >> Standard System )


As previously mentioned always select Custom



For ABAP system I gave SID and SXA and for JAVA SXJ



Do not use ABAP database configure new DB


Continue with default


Continue default


User setting must be as below since ABAP stack installation is creating users



No SLD registration for now


Continue with default option



Wait till installation complete and your both systems are up and running as below


Now next step is instaling Support Pack stack 03 installation


Thank you for reading


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