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Hello and welcome back!!!

This is part 2 of the blog series installing Business Object on ASE+Linux

The link to Part 1:SAP Business objects: Let's make installation simple with combination of Linux and ASE DB

Now that your server is ready to install ASE Database, let's get started...

1.Database Installation

Log in to the database server as the user you created before. (example:DBSID)

Go to the installation source directory and run ./setup.bin


Please go to the following step, where you will be asked to specify the installation path as shown below.

Select Full - All the common application fetures will be installed selection and press Next

In my case I am not installing host agent so select No and press Next

Provide license details

Provide license key and select license type (In ma case I am skipping it for now)

Select No on SySAM Notification and press install button

Wait till installation completes


It's time to configure ASE once the installation is complete.


The following screen will appear as soon as the installation is complete.

Deselect "Setup ASE HADR" and continue


Because you've already logged in with the user you created for your instance, choose No on this page.


Select the path of Data Directory as below

Configure New SAP ASE database now shown as below


Click Ok on warning message

Continue with configuration

Configure Backup server


Configure XP server

Configure Job Scheduler

Click Next on user screen

Configure Cockpit Host and port


Cockpit user passwords

Verify all parameters and click next


Wait till process finish

Successful installation screen will be next if everything is okey 🙂


The next step after installation is to build the CMS and CMSAUDIT databases for SAP Business Objects.

Lets continue with Part 3:SAP Business objects: Let's make installation simple with combination of Linux and ASE DB

Thank you

Yogesh Patel
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