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In this part of the blog, I am going to explain the steps to download a specific SAP NW MDM Support Package (SP) Stack from SMP (Service Market Place).

To download specific SAP NW MDM SP Stack, follow the below mentioned steps:

  1. Go to:
    Note: To download any content from service market place, SMP login is required.

  2. Navigate to SAP Software Download Center --> Support Packages and Patches --> A-Z Index sub menu and click on ‘M’ alphabet under Support Packages and Patches tab:

  3. Select SAP MDM --> SAP MDM 5.5 OR SAP NETWEAVER MDM 7.1.

  4. Click on Support Package Stack Download link:

  5. A new Support Package Stack Download window will open, which will ask to complete few steps to download SP stack. Select your current and target SP Stack in Start SP Stack and Target SP Stack drop down list fields and press Next Step button. E.g. I selected current stack as SAP NW MDM 7.1 SP06 and target stack as SAP NW MDM 7.1 SP08:

  6. Select the installation, as per your Operating System, for all components and click to Next Step button:

    Note: A warning message will be displayed on the top of the window, if any component left to select installation.

    Click Previous Step button and select the appropriate installation for the component and then click Next Step button.

  7. All components of the selected SP Stack will be available to download. User can select all or required component of selected SP Stack and click Add to Download Basket button.

As soon as user will click Add to Download Basket button, the selected SAP NW MDM contents will be added to Download Basket to download.

I have explained how user can download Specific SAP NW MDM component in Part 3 - Download Specific SAP NW MDM Component blog…!!

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