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Author: Geetha Madhuri Bobbili
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SAP Digital Boardroom is a dynamic and real-time presentation tool, enabling executives to find insights and address ad hoc questions.

When required to make highly informed business decisions, board members, executives and decision-makers are often faced with separate reporting solutions that present data in a static, isolated way.

SAP Digital Boardroom harmonizes the view of company operations across all lines of business in one easy-to-consume, highly visual touch screen setup for more effective, collaborative decision-making.

You can choose to create two types of Digital Boardroom presentations:


Agenda: Select an Agenda to orchestrate the executive meeting in a traditional way. Create agenda items, then add and combine pages from any story into your topics.

Dashboard: A modern, exploratory, corporate steering presentation. Create freeform topics to match your business organization, then add and combine pages from any story.

Use a dashboard to allow the presenter to decide where to go next, without a predefined path to follow.

Creating Digital Boardroom Dashboards:


From the Main Menu, select Create ->Digital Boardroom.

Enter a name in the Create Digital Boardroom Presentation dialog and choose OK.

You have two choices to choose from: Agenda and Dashboard. Choose Dashboard.

A blank dashboard is created with a default root topic. Enter a title for the root topic (in the below highlighted area). The root topic is the starting topic of your presentation. This topic can't be deleted.

Choose Designer and open the Build panel. Enter a title and description under presentation properties. Set the Mobile enabled option if you want this presentation to be available on the mobile app.

Presentation Styling:


Choose Designer to display the Style.

Presentation Theme:

Customize the look of your Digital Boardroom presentation by selecting different themes.

Select Theme in the Display section and choose a theme: You can directly select a theme displayed in the dropdown list. You can Open Theme Preview by selecting the icon on top right-hand side.You can customize the presentation theme with Custom Theme.

Presentation Background:

From Background dropdown, we can change the color or we can insert an image as  background of the presentation.

Select Image and upload an image of your choice as a background of your presentation.

You can preview the presentation any time by selecting Open Theme Preview icon on top right-hand side.

Select Solid Color from the dropdown and select the color of your choice as a background of your presentation.

Presentation Footer:

Here, we can hide/unhide navigation breadcrumb and logo in the footer.

Hide Footer will hide the navigation breadcrumb and logo (highlighted below) in the footer.Hide Breadcrumbs will hide the navigation breadcrumb (highlighted below) in the footer.Hide Footer Image will hide the logo (highlighted below) in the footer.By using Upload Footer Image, we can upload the logo (Logo will be scaled to fit the maximum size of 400x45px). By default there is SAP logo displayed.

Story Styling:

Your presentation may include many different stories, each with its own unique styling. You can override story styling when presenting in the Digital Boardroom.

In the Story Styling section choose one of the following options:Import Styling:

Select and use an existing story's preferences as the theming guide for all other imported stories. All of the stories which have been imported into the presentation will be listed for the user to select.

Create Custom:

Manually define both Page and Tile preferences in the Story Preferences. The styling override can be changed and deleted from the Story Styling section.



In this blog, we have learned how to customize the look of our Digital Boardroom presentation.

In Part 2 of the blog series, Presentation Settings, Theming and Importing Stories will be covered.

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