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I must admit that I am not good at searching for solutions from SAP Notes. There are many regular contributors in this space that are really good at searching through SAP Notes (you know who you are!) and I am often amazed at the Notes that they come up with to help resolve the issues in this space.


Perhaps one day, one of these superheroes might come up with a blog on how to effectively search for solutions in SAP Notes Until then, the rest of us mortals are left to our own devices to navigate the wild wild west of the SAP Notes world.


Every now and then, I notice there will be a reference SAP Note to some parameter for the SFTP's Advanced Mode. Personally, I find it frustrating that these parameters are not listed in the Online Help Portal for the SFTP adapter. Additionally, even SAP Note 1692819 which is the FAQ for the SFTP adapter does not provide a complete list of all the parameters available.


This document is my attempt to provide a central listing for all the parameters available in the SFTP adapter's Advanced Mode. It is based on the latest SP (SP04 at time of writing) of the SFTP adapter. It is a compilation of all the parameters with their related SAP Note, and I've also thrown in a few undocumented ones I've created this as a collaborative document, so anyone who is interested to help maintain this listing (maybe for future SPs) are welcome - just drop me a comment to request for edit permission.



Parameter Reference


Both directions


Parameter Default Value SAP Note Description Example Issue
addDefaultFileExtension false


Files are archived with default .txt extension

File Extension ".txt" using SFTP-SND-Adpater

SFTP receiver channel Archive filename isssue
skipRemoteDirCheck false 1737547 Skip remote directory check on SFTP servers implementation (example GXS) that deviate from RFC

Button advanced mode not present on SFTP receiver adapter

Issue with SFTP Connectivity on PI 7.3
oscomamnd.trace false Undocumented Log OS command errors even when trace level is not set to "Debug" - similar to Note 1334947 for File Adapter




1859563 Ignore error with the pwd/cd/ls commands occur due to incompatibility with certain servers

Strange error with new SAP SFTP adapter "Exception received: 4: cd to ... failed"

SFTP : Receiver Channel Error : Javax.resource.ResourceException: 10: pwd failed
connection.mode.permanent false 2069078 Set connection mode of SFTP channel to permanent. By default a new connection is made at each polling and/or message processing






2028233 Support SFTP servers that require two-factor authentication




Parameter Default Value SAP Note Description Example Issue
receiveBufferSize 65535 1738500 File retrieve operation fails with the following error: "Inputstream is closed". Buffer size can be changed to lesser custom value


(14 days)
1744700 Define custom duplicate check validity SFTP Sender CC weird Error: Duplicated Message-ID in database
usePathForLs false 1850220 Use full path when performing listing for files and additional files instead of current directory (ls .)
file.encoding UTF-8 1906648 Support different encoding for filename if code pages of PI OS and SFTP Server points to different encoding false 2238416 Skip check that restricts SFTP sender channel from polling files from directories other than the one specified in the channel




Parameter Default Value SAP Note Description Example Issue false Undocumented Retain filenames of attachment when using "Store attachments" in receiver channel SFTP Receiver adapter - Store attachments File name issue

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