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SAP Analytics Cloud seems to be so impressing me with its stunning features and is propelling me to share the learnings which I have gathered from the guided playlists, books, posts and videos over time.

I am into Analytics from the day I started my career and I feel so pleased to write about SAP Analytics Cloud.

SAP Analytics Cloud is the main driver to contribute to SAP Cloud-First strategy.

As per Gartner most of the organizations do not have a formal cloud but by 2022, 70% of organizations will have one.

  • SAP Analytics Cloud is part of the Intelligent Enterprise Framework and is part of the Intelligence Technology Component.

  • SAP Analytics Cloud is single cloud solution that allows business users to discover, analyze, plan, predict, and collaborate all in one place.

History of SAP Analytics Cloud

SAP Analytics Cloud Strategy

SAP Analytics Cloud intended users

Access SAP Analytics Cloud system in four easy steps:

1. Launch Google Chrome browser and access

2.Self-register an account using your business email

3.Activate your account

4.Use social single sign-on to authenticate.

Building blocks of SAP Analytics Cloud 

Data Connections in SAP Analytics Cloud

Confused or puzzled ??, here is the answer below.

Data Model

Types of Data Model

Basics of Modeling

Other Modeling options

Data Refresh or Import Data to Model


  • After creating a model, enrich the data by creating a story.

  • Stories allow to explore and visualize data in the form of charts, tables, geo maps, and other visual elements.

Defining a Story Structure

Advanced Story Design

Analytical Application

  • An analytic application in SAP Analytics Cloud is an analytical application that visualizes data in various forms and lets you navigate the data and customized look and feel using JavaScript.

  • An Analytics Designer for SAP Analytics Cloud is the capability or tool to create analytic applications.

Augmented Analytics

  • Augmented analytics refers to the use of machine learning and natural language processing technology to help quickly go from insight to action.

  • With augmented analytics, organization can avoid agenda-driven and biased decision making by extracting the truth behind what’s driving business.

Extended Presentation and Consumption of Content

  • Collaboration

  • SAP Digital Boardroom

    • SAP Digital Boardroom is a dynamic and real-time presentation tool, enabling executives to find insights and address ad hoc questions.

    • While SAP Analytics Cloud has its own presentation capabilities, Digital Boardroom offers a few enhanced features.

  • SAP Mobile

    • SAP Analytics Cloud has gone mobile!

    • Steps to connect to Mobile Devices

      • Download the app “SAP Analytics Cloud” from respective App store/Google play store

      • Tap Analytics to launch the app

      • Enter Server URL

      • Login with Credentials

      • Browse the Story

Users, Security and Adminstration

  • Defining User, Teams Roles and Security

    • User Management - Create, Delete, Change, Search

    • User Management - Role Assignment

  • Administrative Tasks

SAP Analytics Cloud Dashboard -

  • SAP Utilities Dashboard showing Billed Consumption (kWh) and Revenue ($), Account Receivable by Aging Buckets and Payments as on Key Date and trending for last 5 days.


  • This post will be helpful for BW/BI consultants who are new to SAP Analytics Cloud and its features and for those who would want to attempt for certification.

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