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We have already seen several implementations going live with SAP MDG. Corporates are facing pain and pleasure of having MDG tool in their application landscape. I had interesting learning to provoke a discussion.

As we all know typical master data objects like a material master can span across easily 50+ attributes. We nail down few critical fields for data governance and perhaps because pragmatic reasons to keep the project scope limited and meet aggressive timeline. It is reasonably (?) believed that limiting the fields for governance is important for sake of operational efficiencies.

This strategy directs the hosting of few attributes in MDG Framework and few in typical ECC environment.

The real pain is realized in the production environment when data steward has to work in two applications/processes to make the master editions. It is very pleasant to have deployed the MDG for few attributes. But the master data object is still not business ready because the other so called little relevant attributes are not full filed with appropriate values. This strategy has also become the source for incompleteness in the master data object.

Hence is it worth to consider all attributes into MDG even though many of them are not meant for governance and validation. This will provide data stewards one user interface and discontinue the usage of other sources of editions. Do we face limitations/challenges while bringing all the fields from Native ECC transactions in the Hub.

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