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This was an ASUG webcast last month.  You can watch the replay at BI: Overview of SAP Mobile Analytics and Roadmap


As with all road map sessions, everything in the future is subject to change and the legal disclaimer applies


Source: SAP


Why Mobile Analytics?



Internet users spent more time on mobile devices than desktop in 2017; 55% of FB users only use mobile app


A lot of analytic solutions are designed for the desktop

Source: SAP

Momentum from customers to move to the cloud but also have an investment in the on-premise suite.  Expect an augmentation of use cases to the Cloud; expect a hybrid deployment; plans for a hybrid license.

Source: SAP

Carefully simplify portfolio

A well-crafted mobile solution can help reach mass adoption

Source: SAP


Two products are in the cloud - RoamBI and SAP Analytics Cloud - position a single product for the Cloud - SAP Analytics Cloud


Today they are two separate licenses and two tenants


Target end of calendar year is to augment SAP Analytics Cloud with the RoamBI capabilities

Source: SAP


Three things to support hybrid mobile strategy - deliver a consistent mobile first experience

Special Fiori iOS design paradigm - if all apps use this paradigm it brings familiarity

Source: SAP


Support MDM frameworks, security, 3rd party frameworks, SDK to give deeper customization; want this supported in a uniform fashion across all apps


Source: SAP

Working on making Analytics Hub available via mobile

Links will recognize that you are on a mobile device

Source: SAP


iOS has adopted Fiori paradigm

Closely integrate with third party MDM vendors

Authentication improvements

Analytics Hub integration

Main theme for SAP Mobile BI is fall in line with hybrid strategy

Next release has security enhancements


Source: SAP


New iPhoneX screen

RoamBI road map is "thin" this year as the team is working on supporting RoamBI content from SAP Analytics Cloud


Source: SAP


Deep links - you can share content

It relies on responsive layouts you create

In Q2/Q3 (subject to change) - geospatial support (right now only an iOS app) - looking to support Android

MDM support

Scheduled data download for better offline support

Later in the year support predictive features

Mobile app focuses on consumption

Later once more mature, focus on SDK

Future Vision

Source: SAP


Catalyst allows you to deliver an "insight" - a contextual compact view so user can take instant action


Question Response
Will BOBJ BI mobile be replaced by Fiori? or will Co-Exist together. Fiori and BOBJ Mobile complement each other - they will co-exist together
Where do we find the iOS version compatibility with SAP MOBI? (Is the version of MOBI, the same as the version of SAP BOE?) Please check the PAM BusinessObjects Mobile/SAP BusinessObjects Mobile - Supported Platforms (PAM).pdf
Will Roambi bring something special to Workforce Analytics? RoamBI templates are not a specific to a vertical/horizontal
Is there a compariosn matrix for capability of Mobile BI vs. Lumira? What one gains/ looses by coosing one over another? Please check our report designers guide in our documentation.
BOBJ 42 has Fiori and it looks like it has not matured enough to replace Mobile BI agreed, and hence Mobile BI has adopted Fiori for iOS design paradigm
SAC Mobile Analytics will be specific to only IOS Devices or in future Android devices support will be extended ? Android support is on the roadmap, but timeline is still under discussion
So Analytics HUB will display both on-prem BI content & SAC BI content? Yes.
We currently have BOE V4.1 SP7, Explorer, and Dashboards (Xcelsius).  What product should we be looking at moving to for Dashboards that can be used in MOBI? Use Lumira Designer, supported on MOBI
Till how long will MOBI be available/supported? Whats the expected timeline for a single mobile app? Hybrid - general strategy, recognize that BusinessObjects deployment are mature

Be sure to catch the Mobile Analytics Sessions at ASUG Annual Conference which are covered here.

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