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The duty of outside discovery is to collect discover and sent information to the monitored system in Solution Manager.

The outside discovery collects the information:

  • Host
  • Database
  • Microsoft information service

From the diagnostic agent and from the host agent on the manage system

The information stored in LMDB database (AI_DIAGSNOTICS_DATA_ENRICHMENT package).

In order to start the outside discovery process, the diagnostics agent should be connected to the Solution Manager system

Go to - SAP Solution Manager configuration - system Preparation - step 6.4: connect diagnostics agents.

Host agent

The host agent should have the current version - the minimum required version is:

Kernel version – 720

Patch number - 54

To check the version of the host agent Open directory where SAPHostAgent is installed and

Type saphostexec.exe –status from the command line.

Diagnostic agent

The diagnostic agent should be connect to Solution Manager from the P4 connection massage server or with registration to SLD

To connect diagnostic agent to Solution Manager run the installation of the diagnostic agent on the manage system

Sld registration

Solution Manager Registration

As soon as the diagnostics agent gets connected to a Solution Manager the outside discovery start collect the data information.

Picture 1.0

Manage system configuration – from here you assign the diagnostics agents to the managed systems, you assign a diagnostics agent to each server (virtual host) on which the managed system is running.

Picture 2.0

Agent admin – here you can see the agents that connect to Solution Manager.

Installation of SMD Agent

Diagnostics Agents WIKI page

Landscape browser

The landscape browser tab is in the left side of the page in the Solution Manager configuration

In the landscape browser you can see all host created by the outside discovery

In the landscape browser you see the information on each host data, database data, technical system and technical scenarios.

Host Data – name, full host name, IP Address, virtualized solution and operating system data.

Database data - database list, database type, name, version.

Technical System – internet information service.


Picture 1.0

Host details

Picture 2.0

Host status.

After you connect the agent to Solution Manager you should see the host status in the outside discovery green.

Picture 3.0

Red status.

In order you get red status please check:

  • Host agent version (Note 1365123).
  • Saposcol running.
  • The host is down or unavailable.
  • Agent connects to Solution Manager.

After you check this task please click on update all

SAP Sources:

Note 1365123 - Installation of diagnostics agents

Installation of SMD Agent

Diagnostics Agents WIKI page

Best regards

Naor Shalom

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